9/11 puckman

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Falling man, now puck man.

DNA doesn’t exist. vicsims don’t exist, except on paper.

Here’s two phony ideas joined together to create a false narrative.

There’s no medical breakthrough. There’s nothing in an old bone that could possibly tell anyone who’s it is. It’s unlikely a small piece could even tell if it belongs to any particular animal, including a human.

The 9/11 narrative continues to ramp up to the anniversary.

After more than half a dozen futile attempts over the course of 17 years to identify a single bone found in the rubble of the World Trade Center, medical examiners finally had a breakthrough this week. Thanks to advances in DNA testing, the bone was linked to a 26-year-old financial worker from New Jersey who died in the 9/11 attacks, the New York Times reports.

Source: Breakthrough DNA Testing IDs 9/11 Victim As New Jersey Man | Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Daily Voice

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24 thoughts on “9/11 puckman

  1. Faye

    Xilefilex and Antipodean – I answer from here because the space gets narrow under multiple posts.

    Xile, i think that is right, it was psyopticon who had researched the Titanic vicsims in depth and – as he stated – was able to track them down to the moment of their creation decades prior to the event.

    The argument was that if death can be faked then birth also can be faked. He also critisized your position that having tracked down birth, marriage, childbirths, friends, schools etc. is not sufficient as evidence for the real existence of a fake character.

    The whole topic is very interesting to research and understand. I’d like to clarify though that according to my firm thesis about the modus operandi of the 9/11 psyop, i do not entertain the possibility of people that died as part of the event.

    So the interesting point for me is not which characters where completely created and which not. The intersting point is how does the creation of fake identities work.

    I actually agree with the hypothesis that fake identities are created on an “industrial scale” as psyopticon calls it in that debate of yours.

    But how exactly does it work? I will give an example as of in which direction my thoughts go:

    We all know the goldbuggery type of identity fraud which mainly says that big families of well connected and influential people do take part in psyops as actors.

    We all know also that the above type of description of the psyop narrative and conduct is not satisfactory for fakeologists:
    1. because it is not provable and only subjectively perceiveble
    2. it is misleading as it draws away the attention from the question “how do they fake the fictims”.

    I used the example of goldbuggery or davejayery to make clear why the discussion about that part of psyops which has to do with the creation of the fictims is a very important discussion which should be separated from the (always lurking) allegations that it could lead to the result that there were real victims.

    Goldbuggery is also only one example of active propaganda campaigns of misdirection and confusion. There are many others of that type. Maybe even the transgender campaing has such elements, to confuse about the real origins of the alleged victim characters in psyops.

    Vicsim = is a victim that is simulated. This term does not tell us, if the simulated victim was a real persons data or a fictitious personas data. It tells us only that the victimhood is simulated.

    1. xileffilex

      The intersting point is how does the creation of fake identities work.

      I’d like a task – perhaps someone can suggest, from any psy-op of their choice, a UK, preferably English or Welsh vicsim whose identity is fake, and we can get to the bottom of it [or not]. That should be easy, since, you

      actually agree with the hypothesis that fake identities are created on an “industrial scale” as psyopticon calls it in that debate of yours.

  2. Faye

    This is the manifest evidence that i am still a beginner fakeologist: NDNGH on 9/11 does not nessecary mean that all alleged victims were creations.

    But I see now that it does make a difference if a fictim was a real person or a simulated entity.

    Even a simulated entity has to have a biography which has to be verifiable autonomously by other real persons on that timeline. So even for vicsims there are two possibilities:

    1. the complete timeline from birth to end is fictitious
    2. the timeline is lent by a real person which agrees to change their future existence
    3. with questionmark: the timeline can be partially lent and partially created.

    I would guess that real timelines are needed for several reasons:

    * to disappear people officially that have already disappeared or wish or wish not to disappear
    * to make the research about a fictim of a psyop trackable and “waterresistent”

    Thanks Xilefilex and Antipodean for the input i will keep learning.

    1. antipodean

      Faye if you think all the victims were faked identities, you have to apply the same logic to the 9/11 planes.
      The No Plane Theory was out there before the No Victims theory, although researchers back then accepted that the 9/11 Plane celebrities such as Barbra Olson, Berry Berensen et al were real people.
      What happened to the real people (victims) is the final piece in the 9/11 jigsaw.

      1. Faye

        I am not sure i understand what you are saying, Antipodean. I’ll try to articulate as clear as i can what i think.

        The stories of all people presented to the public as victims of any part of the 9/11 media performance (Manhattan, Pentagon, Flight 93/Shanksville…) are completely fictional.

        But for some of these fictional stories the scriptwriters use for the creation of their characters the personal data and biografies of real people.

        The real people are never involved in any other way in the event, only their data are used. The real people do not nessecary disappear on that day.

        Not sure if this is what you asked though 🙂 Let’s discuss on discord.

        1. antipodean

          The real people are never involved in any other way in the event, only their data are used. The real people do not nessecary disappear on that day.

          Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2018/07/2…

          Yes but I think the real people would have to be aware that their data is being used.
          If they are still living their normal lives the genie would be out of the bottle.
          Although I think the names of some real people (un be known to them) could be used for back stopping purposes for fake victim/ names on memorial sites.

          1. Faye

            I was reading into the 14 pages of Xilefilex and others (actually in pdf format it is 169 pages) about this question.
            Their hypothesis is that fake identities are being created on an industrial scale for use in the future.
            I think one method would be that every newborn that is affiliated to the “powerstructure” or “families”… would get as a birth present some hundred fake identities.

            1. xileffilex

              Faye I’m not sure who “They” are, when you refer to “their hypothesis”. This “hypothesis” becomes rather complex when one has to ignore all the family, school and college friends of the fictional personae created with fictional birth certificates, and who subsequently had “fictional” yet documented marriages with real people resulting in real children [before going out of the door marked 9/11, or any other psy-op you care to mention] Was it psyopticon who posited that?

        2. xileffilex

          Faye, if you have some spare time, here’s a fascinating thread on just one 9/11 vicsim, John Ogonowski, the Flight 11 [ho ho] pilot. In the end, there was no firm conclusion reached, some thought his brother may have been doubling up, although an early family photo showed two brothers together. However, in UK records we find well documented births and marriages recorded from years previous to 9/11 for UK fictims.
          Read Phil’s intro to the Ogonowski thread first, a thread which actually drew the “widow” Margaret [Peg] into it briefly.. Antipodean and Brian Staveley contributed – Brian was mentioning the Ogonowski research on his recent Emergency Exit podcast. Listen from about 31:00, especially 33.00 onwards

          The pilot’s wife, Mrs Ogonowski remarried, adding a third name Hatch…
          and brother Jim Ogonowski is even propping up the Humboldt Hockey Hoax.

          Brian Dubie Special thoughts to you, mom and your family
          Friday May 27 2016
          see below for the Dubie story pulled apart
          Too many people involved? No problem!
          John Ogonowski, like Dubie, was a military guy… here’s another of his daughters in 2017, the one who popped up in the UK Daily Mirror in 2011 with the tampered photo of her with her father in the cockpit of a MD plane.

          Naturally the Conspiracy Crowd at International Skeptics naturally seize on the conjecture at LRF that J. Ogonowski did not exist, rather than him not dying [since there was no Flight 11 into the towers….]

            1. xileffilex

              One thing is certain, the whole Ogonowski clan are in on it, as well as Dubie I suspect.
              Most interesting post on that thread…

              You know what, I alighted on that thread for a read, and within 15 minutes, 6 other “guests” suddenly popped up reading it with me. How strange is that?

          1. Faye

            Will do, thanks!
            Also im thinking about a way to integrate the research about 9/11 fictims in the fakeopedia. Will take some time though and i will come back to you, Antipodean and others with questions about where to find the material.

  3. Faye

    Can we have a long chat about the alleged victims of 9/11with Xile and Antipodean and open line to call in and ask them? That would be great.

    Xilefilex, were can we find the 13 pages you mentioned? Did you mean your entries in the forum on this blog or other?

    1. antipodean

      I’m OK with that, maybe with access to some Clues Forum threads where the legitamacy of the existance of some of the sims is discussed.
      As well as some of the obvious faked identities (sims).

    2. xileffilex

      Faye, I put it all in the Detailing forum, which was a continuation of others’ thoughts that people really “died” on 9/11, or in my book, real people DND, DNHG, just faked it or vanished.
      I don’t see much point in discussing it – certainly not the UK “victims”, all those whom I have investigated have pretty good support stories, including recorded births in contemporaneously recorded lists.
      Here’s a good example of knocking copy based on nothing other than prejudice.
      It’s worthless garbage.

      original research here

      Come on, they were perfecting the disappearance of real people way before 9/11, with air disasters, shipping disasters, rail disasters going back decades. Why change a trusted formula?

      But it’s OK to dismiss the Tychos model [with which I have no beef] as nonsense. Carry on.

  4. antipodean

    I’m pretty certain 7/7 vicsim Shelley Mather existed. Her Lawyer Father occasionally makes the news papers before & after 7/7.

    After hearing evidence yesterday, defence counsel John Mather asked for Monk to be discharged under section 347 of the Crimes Act.
    Mather had earlier disputed that the complainant was not a credible witness, due to his intellectual disability.

    Also I know for a fact he still visits prisons as a representative legal counsel.

    Barrister John Mather also received a face-to-face apology from the two officers involved and a promise that it would not happen again.
    Mr Mather originally sued the police department for $80,000 for false imprisonment, unreasonable search and common assault.
    But he accepted a $10,000 settlement before the case went to court.

  5. xileffilex

    Here’s his sister’s FB
    “Worked at Attorney General of New York” etc
    No mention of 9/11

    new best friend of Tom before his death at 42…. “friend of Margaret
    no post relating to Tom [died at 42] in August 2015….[“beloved friend” of DeFazio]

    They seem a cold lot.

    Isabella Speakman aka Isabella Pearson Speakman, friend of Margaret Johnson Wager…

    1. xileffilex

      Hmmm, Tom married just before 9/11

      seems like Mrs Timon has gone back to her old name
      Isabella Pearson Speakman, the daughter of Isabella Pearson Ryan and Willard Allen Speakman III, both of Wilmington, Del., was married there yesterday to Thomas Philip Johnson, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stephen Johnson of New York. The Rev. David Ware performed the ceremony at Old Swedes Episcopal Church.

      Mrs. Johnson, 27, is a project leader for D.C.I. Group, political consultants in Washington. She graduated from Trinity College in Hartford. Her father is the president of the Speakman Company, makers of plumbing products, in Wilmington.

      Mr. Johnson, 28 is a stock trader at Friedman, Billings & Ramsey, an investment bank and brokerage firm in Arlington, Va. He graduated from Georgetown University.

      His father is the chairman and chief executive of the GreenPoint Financial Corporation in New York, the parent company of the GreenPoint Bank, where he is also chairman. The bridegroom’s father is a member of the boards of WNET-TV and the Asia Society and the chairman of Trinity College. The bridegroom’s mother is an interior designer, a member of the board of the United Way of Tristate and the chairwoman of the Mountainside Hospital Foundation in Montclair N.J.

      Oh, Tom’s father-in-law died in 2006 in Antigua, BWI

      “On Saturday, our Class hosted a tree-planting ceremony for Scott Johnson, who perished in the September 11th attacks in NYC. Kenny LaFreniere and Steve Selwood spoke on behalf of Scott’s friends and classmates. A beautiful tree from New Jersey where Scott grew up was planted by New Dorm”
      source, Trinity College newsletter Fall 2002

      Oh, here’s his college chum from the 1998 Havana trip, Steve Selwood

      So, all these people are pretending they had a brother/son/ college friend/workmate… Rrrright.

  6. xileffilex

    Check through the legacy pages of our Scott Johnson, quite a collection of stories to support his existence.
    He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who might be recruited into the financial industry, unless he was recruited into the future 9/11 die-in.

    Perhaps the family’s in on it, perhaps not and they’re playing happy families when Scott just wanted to get away from them.

    Now, here’s the fascinating thing, his brother Tom suddenly died in 2015 aged 42….did you spot that? No?
    homas Philip Johnson, age 42, died suddenly at his home in Wilmington, DE on August 8, 2015.

    Born on January 4, 1973 in Montclair, NJ, son of Margaret Ann and Thomas S. Johnson, of Palm Beach, FL, survived by his children Isabella (“Bella”) Johnson and Jasper Johnson, his former wife Isabella Speakman Timon, his beloved friend Margaret DeFazio, and his sister, Margaret Johnson Wager, her husband Richard and their children, Elizabeth, Scott and Matthew, as well as 20 cousins and many aunts and uncles. Mr. Johnson was pre-deceased by his brother, Scott Michael Johnson.

    Mr. Johnson attended Montclair Kimberley Academy (Montclair, NJ) and graduated from Lawrenceville School (Lawrence Twp., NJ.) After graduating from Georgetown University, Mr. Johnson was an equity trader at Friedman, Billings Ramsey (now FBR Co.) in Arlington, VA and, subsequently, was engaged in real estate in Nantucket, MA and an active member and director of the Nantucket Artists Association.

    Compare with original obit of Scott
    JOHNSON-Scott Michael. Of New York City, died in the attack on civil society at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He was 26 years old. Scott was born on April 7, 1975 at Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. He was a 1993 graduate of the Montclair Kimberley Academy, Montclair, NJ and a 1997 graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT. After college, Scott was employed as a private banker for the Bank of New York. In March 2000, he joined the investment banking firm of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc. as a securities analyst in its World Trade Center offices. He is survived by his parents, Ann and Thomas S. Johnson of New York and Montclair; his brother Thomas P. Johnson and sister-in-law, Isabella Speakman Johnson of Washington, DC, and his sister Margaret Johnson of New York City. He is also survived by his grandfathers, H. Norman Johnson of Racine, WI and Stanley M. Werner of Dunedin, FL., 14 aunts and uncles, 25 cousins, and many loving friends. All are devastated by the loss of Scott

    One tribute is interesting at Legacy…[a very full list of contributors]
    March 28, 2002
    I got to know Scott from the Trinity
    Deli on Trinity Place. Every once in a while we would stand on line to get a take out order.I knew he went to Trinity College because of the deli name.Then we would proceed back to 2WTC. I worked for Morgan Stanley until this past August. I was very fortunate since I worked for the Security Department. My oldest son Keith works for Lehman Brothers and was in Tower One when the first plane hit. He was one of the fortunate people he got out.He was on the 38th floor. I had no idea you lost Scott until some twenty minutes ago. I went on the New York Times Nation Challenged website. I am very sorry for your loss. I would hope you could e-mail me an address so I can send the Johnson family a Mass card.
    James Craw, Oakland, New Jersey

    Well, Keith checks out VP Lehmann 1997-2012

    So, is Keith in on the scam? You can check the others.

    You can fake any DNA evidence for any of the 3000 names, it will keep the hoax running for ever. Where Scott went to, who knows.

    Margaret Wager [Johnson] is a frequent contributor to legacy sites, eg

    1. xileffilex

      So what? These are common names. Have you done any research? Starting with 9/11 is the wrong place to understand what “they” are doing. The vicsim report is the biggest piece of misdirection imaginable. Start with the simple psy-ops where real people disappear in HRDPARs, then scale it up.

        1. xileffilex

          I’ve written about 13 pages on verified to my satisfaction 9/11 ‘vicsims’ here. all unchallenged, btw.. I’m still waiting for proof than any of the names never existed, in 9/11, 7/7, or any one of the many psy-ops I’ve looked at. There’s usually a mountain of proof they did exist if people weren’t so lazy as not to look.

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