Staged hate?

like this

This 0;viral” video has attracted big media attention.

Therefore, it should be deemed suspicious.

The media intelligence apparatus demonizes Muslims, yet reacts with (manufactured) outrage when Joe Redneck takes the bait and acts out.

Normal people don’t act it out, but most think it.

What if there aren’t enough abnormal people to act out when a camera is recording?

Stage it with an agent provocateur.

Is this Joe Six-pack such an actor?

We report, you decide.

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7 thoughts on “Staged hate?

  1. UNreal

    Indeed – this 100% made for re-Tweeting…

    The funny part is that the “blond white racist” looks like he’s dyed his hair and might not be blond (or ‘goyim’ for that matter) !

      1. saesch1

        Tragic that you intelligent guys with talent for pattern recognition are stuck in your little world.
        “The media intelligence apparatus demonizes Muslims”…?
        No, the media intelligence demonises and criminalises everyone who criticises the government’s immigration policies and everyone who reports of the exponential increase in crime in the west.
        You are now unwittingly working in the interests of the media intelligence apparatus.…

    1. Terran Downvale

      The funny part is that the “blond white racist” looks like he’s dyed his hair and might not be blond (or ‘goyim’ for that matter) !

      UNreal’s comment here just sent me down a mini “crypto-Jewish” rabbit hole with some interesting synchronicities (or indications of deep psy-op scripting, whichever way you take it).

      With his brutish physique and Hawaiian-style shirt, the image of the bleach-blond lout in this clip immediately rang a faint little bell in my movie geek memory banks. Could he have been modeled* after the “late” Chris Penn’s bleach-blond lout in the 1984 film The Wild Life?

      I’m also thinking this shade of blond is an obvious reference to Trump, red and white “Make America Great Again” themed shirt included. But going back to Chris Penn, his opening line in The Wild Life trailer has a certain ominous Trump-like air to it. Last summer blast, eh? (Future explosive summer-closing psy-op event, perhaps?)

      But what is most interesting is that like Trump, the Penn brothers have been accused of being “crypto-Jews” (which goes along with UNreal’s suggestion about the possible true heritage of the Layton Terminal bully).

      I looked for a connection between Chris Penn and Jack Layton, but only found another famous Canadian, poet Irving Layton who died 20 days before Penn in 2006. Were Jack and Irving related? Apparently not, according to this wiki discussion which coincidentally focuses on the Jewish/Goyim discrepancy!

      I apologise for an excessively snippy response. Still, Irving Layton was a first generation jewish immigrant while Jack Layton comes from several generations of protestant Anglo-Quebecers.

      *Also interesting is that back in 2016, I suspected all-purpose cinematic lout Chris Penn might have been the model for this viral image of #MeToo-priming Stanford swimmer/rapist Brock Turner, a story I covered in this collection of posts.

      1. Terran Downvale

        I realize I have a tendency to get carried away with these things, but what the hell. Zooming in on the distinctive profile of the “blond white racist,” I noticed an uncanny resemblance to blond Saw baddy Tobin Bell. Just wondering if the similarity could be an intentional subliminal trigger. And to bring things full circle to Rachel’s intriguing new forum thread, here’s another interesting profile shot of Bell in the form of a mask! You won’t believe how it ends? Hmmm…

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