FAK208-Fakeologist Radio

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When? July 29, 2018 @ 1911h EDT

Where? Skype Fakeologist or 518-639-6233


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  1. xileffilex

    Re: discussion at 12.30 onwards – Intelligence controls both sides of the equation and recruits actors to both sides for their multi-purpose drills. The first anniversary of the 2017 Finsbury Park attack hoax was recently celebrated where the Muslims were the fake victims, rather than fake perpetrators…cue one minute’s silence.
    June 19 2018
    Just a cursory glance at the videos [especially recommended viewing is “Shariff Xamza suffered brain damage after being hit by a terrorist’s van in the Finsbury Park attack” ] there will show what a simplistic hoax it was and how some sections of the local muslim community were in on it [no surprises, since the local mosque, across the railway tracks, was home to the absurd hook handed preacher, i.e. intel asset, Abu Hanza.]
    White “muslim hater” Darren Osborne, 48, was jailed for 43 years for murdering 51-year-old Mr Ali after deliberately ploughing into the crowd on Seven Sisters Road during Ramadan.

    Suuure he was. Fortunately, 153news hosts a video showing the drill in full swing in a sealed off Isledon Road, filmed from adjoining Coleridge Road. [which incidentally is all in the parliamentary constituency of the leader of the opposition in parliament, Jeremy Corbyn]


    For reference, the improbable official story is here


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