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It’s all made for tv

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Go to 51:50 of this audio to take away the nugget: the 9/11 show, like Copperfield’s disappearing statue of Liberty trick, was made for TV, not those on the ground.

Also on paid shills, actors, staging magic tricks,and those that likely helped the 9/11 trick happen.

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About magick numbers

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Good comment from Blue Moon.

The numbers are but one technique employed by the perps in their quest for absolution. They use numbers, which transcend language to a large extent so that most everyone has a chance to see the clues, along with image discontinuity and outrageous physics, in order to “come clean”. The ball, then, is in our court and we let the ball roll slowly out of bounds. They retake possession.
They play by a set of rules (The cosmic hoo haw is just another smoke screen) and I feel they try and give the public a fighting chance but never so great a chance as to upset the (in)balance the rules impose. We few dissenters can’t tip the scales and we also give free critiques of their work, so we remain in a kind of stasis with the shocked and awed. If a critical mass would ever threaten chaos, the rules will change, like the laws do (ie, Sandy Hook and the death certificates) so they are never in actual violation of their rules.

Comment on What is up with 8, 11 and 33? by Tyrone McCloskey pieceofmindful.com/2018/07/01/…

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Officially #NDSGH

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https://i0.wp.com/fakeologist.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/mexicocrash.jpg?w=625Planes will be a crashing from now until 9/11 – at least stories of them will be more frequent.

This story is different, where no one died but someone got hurt.

I have no idea if it’s true, but someone somewhere was making media.

An Aeromexico jetliner crashed while taking off during a severe storm in northern Mexico on Tuesday, smacking down in a field nearly intact then catching fire, but officials said everyone on board escaped alive. Gov. Jose Aispuro, who had initially reported there were no deaths but later said authorities were searching the charred Embraer 190 to make sure, announced late Tuesday that “no person has died.”

Source: Mexico airliner crashes and burns, but all aboard survive | The Star

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