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Good comment from Blue Moon.

The are but one technique employed by the perps in their quest for absolution. They use numbers, which transcend language to a large extent so that most everyone has a chance to see the clues, along with image discontinuity and outrageous physics, in order to “come clean”. The ball, then, is in our court and we let the ball roll slowly out of bounds. They retake possession.
They play by a set of rules (The cosmic hoo haw is just another smoke screen) and I feel they try and give the public a fighting chance but never so great a chance as to upset the (in)balance the rules impose. We few dissenters can’t tip the scales and we also give free critiques of their work, so we remain in a kind of stasis with the shocked and awed. If a critical mass would ever threaten chaos, the rules will change, like the laws do (ie, and the death certificates) so they are never in actual violation of their rules.

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  1. UNreal

    Reading through Blue Moon’s comment referenced above, it’s true it makes sense on the surface. In substance however, there are many poor common conspiracy beliefs. Not that numbers are not used of course, but not for any noble cause : it is about effeciency (& tradition) as numbers are among the proven techniques used to elaborate and enhance the effects of any PsyOp.
    the ‘perps’ are looking for absolution ≠ Nope
    the ‘perps’ are giving the public a chance to discover truth ≠ Nope
    the ‘perps’ want come clean ≠ Nope
    the ball is our court ≠ Nope*
    they try and give the public a fighting chance ≠ Nope
    We few dissenters can’t tip the scales ≠ Why are the agents so many if we can do no harm ?
    We also give free critiques of their work ≠ Not really, it’s mostly Intel speaking to themselves* to gain popularity and raise polemics
    They are never in actual violation of their rules ≠ Silly, we have no idea of their rules* and the ones we know of they both write and break as they see fit
    When analysed a little closer, the number of poor ideas in so few sentences is what i personally find noteworthy. Thenagain, bad ideas are more prevalent than good ones, and not only in Conspiracy Theory.

    *see the size of controlled opposition & conspiracy gatekeepers (article)
    *see the size of poisonous YT outlets, Radio & Podcasts and Conferences (article)  – the intelligence community is doing the speaking even about themselves, we are just supposed to sit back and listen and pay (see forum)
    *ie EGI would be easy to explain then for someone like Blue Moon, only he’s not really investigating this subject and explains it by closing his eyes or mind

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