3 thoughts on “Brian/Patchak awakening interview

  1. Rollo

    Very Enjoyable Interview Brian, Great Work, I’d like to see you do an Interview with ab like this but unfortunately ab doesn’t do Video, He’s too handsome apparently 🙂

    1. Brian-Staveley

      Yea he is scared of the camera but I am going to interview him very soon. Most likely next. Really glad you guys came over and watched. People are really enjoying these interviews. I did 5 so far. I don’t neccessarily agree with all the guests on EVERYTHING but generally on a lot of things I do and I respect their research so I have them on. It’s just their personal story. Just so people know I am not there to debate them. Some have said things I don’t agree with but letting everyone just tell their own story, in my opinion makes it very genuine. Meegs was so awesome (Int. 4) but she talked about crying seeing jumpers out the Windows of the WTC and man it was hard to NOT step in. LOL I plan on doing a ton of these. So far so good. Hope to see you guys at my next live video.

      Thanks again.

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