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Two psyOps closed, reports written

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In the real world, no one would be satisfied with leaving such dramatic events in perpetual suspension.

In the #HRPDAR world, it’s par for the course.

The 9/11 hoax still remains un-prosecuted, 17 years later. It’s better that way, so it can be rehashed over and over again to trauma base mind control people anew.

All psyOps depend on leaving people in an unsatisfied state of fear, confusion, and wonderment.

This former “crime” reporter is one of the last opinion/reporters left in Toronto journalism. They apparently will always keep at least one to amplify the hoaxes, the only gig in media worth paying for.

In a world of technological brilliance, sophisticated forensics, unprecedented surveillance and expert psychological auditing, it’s difficult to accept the inexplicable, the unfathomable. Last week we learned that we likely will never learn the cause of two spectacular mysteries: What motivated Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, and why Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished. Two doorstopper final reports were released, by the Vegas police department and Malaysia’s civil aviation authority, resp

Source: Sometimes, the truth simply will never be known | The Star

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New voice alert! Cody from Memphis

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The lure of deception

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Why do they do it? is a question that often comes up. Here’s a possible reason.

Matthew’s pleasure at that moment was so palpable. He was so inside this memory of having Nick completely in his power. He got to experience what Nick must experienced every day, the joy of a perfect deception, of knowing exactly how to play someone to get what you want. That sense of power that comes from knowing someone better than they can imagine.


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New voice alert!!! Rachel from Liverpool. Also featuring Originalsimulent.

JFK talk, 911, moon landings.

Dave gets droned.

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