FAC482-Ab,John Le Bon, DaveJ, Rollo, Velocet, CodyfromMemphis, Brian Staveley

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The audiochat is back with a vengeance.

We start with general banter, and then JLB gets right to fakeology and discusses the war hoax, and jet fuel skepticism.

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3 thoughts on “FAC482-Ab,John Le Bon, DaveJ, Rollo, Velocet, CodyfromMemphis, Brian Staveley

  1. xileffilex

    Some genuine laughs in there… Rollo ” F-kin hell, Ab, you’re going to live forever” [on his wholesome breakfasting regime] …. and Dave J’s off-the cuff remark about hearing Brian S’s imaginary handler as he got into his car. I’m sure Brian would have found that funny too.

    Thanks for bringing up the jet fuel hoax. We really need a reading/watching list before a discussion. The smaller Airbus [why do we only ever see Airbus mentioned?] has only 8000 litres in each wing say 6.5 tonnes in each. And they’re not very thick wings.
    For some reason, a lot of work went into this explanation of how the wing fuel tanks work

    1. xileffilex

      A chief propagator of the hoax suggests the tanks aren’t tested inside the plane for leaks and there are problems associated with the pressure of the filling.

      The Airbus A380 is much much bigger with a 14k km range [hey, that might be able to overfly the south pole….] , total fuel capacity 254 tonnes [![, not sure how much is in each wing but it seems like it might even be 126 tonnes if an internet diagram is accurate.

      So, does the A380 really have more than 10x the fuel capacity of the biggest A320 class?
      [A330 = 140,000 litres]

      For context, we read
      a Boeing 777-200ER can hold 29 tonnes of fuel in each wing, and each wing measures ~27 metres and is self-supported.

      Verdict – perhaps some kind of time-consuming chemtrail/flat earth hoax.
      [and discussion]

      All the original videos have been removed, but here’s a mirror

  2. John le Bon

    As always, thanks to Ab for facilitating this discussion. And let me reiterate my respect for the growing number of people who are signing up to make monthly contributions to the Ab fund via paypal. The more people who support this kind of work, the more people who will put the time and effort in to make things happen. It is common sense.

    Without Ab putting in his own finite time to run this website, where else could we go to discuss media fakery? Serious question. $1.19/month is a pittance to say ‘thanks’. Even $11.19/month, you won’t even notice it has been taken from your account. And this is less than most people spend on liquid poisons every single week.

    As for the call itself, I personally think the best part begins around 1hr 47m 28s. I was joined by Dave J from California and Velocet from Sydney to discuss some good old fashioned Fakeology. In particular we looked at the ‘Jet Fuel Hoax’, the History Hoax, the War Hoax, and also the age-old question: are the people who run the show really ‘evil’?

    You can see my own reupload of the good stuff here: JLB Chats #07 (6-Aug-2018).


    For those who think I came across as ‘grumpy’, allow me to apologise if this diminished your enjoyment of the first half of the call. I went into the livestream hoping to discuss Fakeology i.e. media fakery and the grand hoaxes. It has been a while since I was last in the Fakeologist Discord server and I had forgotten that a lot of people in this discord server want to talk about anything other than fakeology.

    Lesson (re)learned and next time I will do my best to better moderate my frustrations if and when my attempts to discuss Fakeology are stymied.


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