FAK209-Interviewed by Brian Staveley

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I go to youtube without a camera and talk to Brian.

When? 2030 EDT Aug 6, 2018

Listen live at fakeologist.com/s/radio2

Check to watch on Brian’s youtube

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3 thoughts on “FAK209-Interviewed by Brian Staveley

  1. xileffilex

    Very enjoyable chat. I think the topic of what’s preventing people from waking up [yes, I know Brian doesn’t like this term but how else to describe where we are now?] is worth deeper exploration.
    I think the media also has all its bases covered by stuffing us full of the new religions of vacuous world travel, food, the self, sport [particularly football], the arts, and so on to make sure we are too busy to have time to spend time analysing media stories even when our working days are shorter and less arduous. Just look at any newspaper.
    I tend to agree with Ab that the smaller local issues are probably the ones worth studying. It’s when one tries to find primary sources that the trail disappears, indeed that’s how I “woke up” to the extent of the lie culture.
    There’s also the huge barrier for ‘sleepers’ [of which I was one] to overcome – how COULD the media be lying to us, especially with the connivance of all those WONDEFFUL firefighters, doctors, coroners, pathologists, undertakers, police [less so…] and the military [obviously] who put together even the smallest of HRDPARs. ***
    Some years ago I shared two killer Boston Marathon videos by PeeKay and another, perhaps RV, which just on their own showed what a nonsense the official story was when compared with the video and still imagery and this intelligent [scientific] person’s response was merely ‘that doesn’t show anything’.
    Waking up has to be a personal journey.
    *** and since all these professionals watch and read the news, those not involved in any HRDPAR too must see from their specialist skills and training that the news reports are nonsense….but they just carry on and wait for pension day.

  2. tokarski

    Very nice exchange, very refreshing, Ab. You did more inside baseball on your understanding of controlled opposition than usual. It was one of the hardest things for me to grasp, that at every point of contact with the media from Alex Jones to Any Goodman, and all of the “mainstream” in between, you’re dealing with plants.

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