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Anything real to see here off the sub?

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Subs, nuclear, firing missiles from subs, and images are all questioned here. What, if anything, could be considered real in this article?

The Los Angeles class submarine USS Olympia (SSN-717) is the second oldest nuclear fast attack submarine in the U.S. Navy’s inventory. But apparently, when it comes to Olympia, with age comes wisdom and stellar performance. The boat’s crew not only performed awesomely during Rim of The Pacific (RIMPAC) drills that just wrapped up, but they also made history by firing off the first UGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile from an American submarine in decades during a sinking exercise (SINKEX)—an act that is likely to have dramatic repercussions for years to come throughout the Navy’s fast attack submarine community. You can read all about this and Olympia’s performance here.

Source: Dive Into This Incredible Shot Taken At USS Olympia’s Swim Call Following RIMPAC – The Drive

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FAC483-Rollo,DaveJ,Anounceofsalt,Rachel, Velocet

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Dave J holds court and comes across as a very congenial and intelligent person. He also talks about nuclear power, and later puts on a marijuana clinic.

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Rollo plugs Fakeologist

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Rollo deserves much respect for his contributions here and around the audio-lands.

Let’s start a Howard Stern like Baba-booey campaign where we audio bomb shows (if anyone is left listening) and simply say fakeologist.com.



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