Fredericton (pathetic) shooting hoax

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It’s like a movie update:

@CBCAlerts: Jackie McLean, common-law partner of slain Fredericton police officer Robb Costello, says: ‘We shared a love of one another that I only believed existed in the movies, except this was real life and it really happened. I cannot even begin to imagine my life without him.’

Update 8/11

Economy of crisis actors – this woman attended both events, coincidentally! Another in-your-face insult to those studying these hoaxes.
It was two shootings too many for Fredericton woman who was on the Danforth during July gun attack | The Star

A Fredericton woman who heard sirens responding to Friday morning’s shooting here was also on Toronto’s Danforth Ave. as another deadly gun attack unfolded last month.

Gunfire erupted in a residential corner of New Brunswick’s capital city Friday morning, leaving four people dead — including two police officers — and an undisclosed number injured.

Another very poorly developed hoax – in a very tiny town in a tiny province. Let’s see if they even bother developing more of the story as the days go by. Perhaps it’s not necessary as no-one is listening.

They’ve really put very little effort into developing this shooting hoax. . Few names, everything’s a secret – what sane observer accepts this as reasonable in a so-called open society?

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4 thoughts on “Fredericton (pathetic) shooting hoax

  1. xileffilex

    Cops are number one in the job stakes for early retirement and/or marital breakups. Why not combine either/both with a spot of recycling for a #HRDPAR? Easy.

  2. christiandiscoverytours

    I am not following this one – but I’d bet anything the Alaska Air “highjacking” is a hoax. Reinforcing the jet fuel myth and the crazed white guy meme. But, the sheep will eat it up like fresh grass!

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