Brian Staveley’s second amazing 911 show

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Brian is reposting all his old shows and I’ll admit I’ve missed most of them. This second 911 show that he did is absolutely outstanding and is as clear an audio on the subject as I’ve ever heard. Listen to all of it and enjoy.

I wonder if I heard this show before I started broadcasting if I would have bothered to broadcast myself. Brian pretty much has the whole thing figured out.

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19 thoughts on “Brian Staveley’s second amazing 911 show

  1. dante

    i really enjoy this style of broadcasting where it’s just one individual, not distracted or interrupted by one or more parties, doing a deep dive into various aspects of one topic, especially one where its clear there is strong command over the subject matter. no hyperbole or excessive rhetoric. just calm and collective narration, point by sub-point, occasionally mixing in multimedia collateral. excellent!

    *circa 2010, I spent some time with the We are Change crew. Even had a few interactions with Manny Badillo. if he is / was a lifelong paid actor by the people who put on the show (or their subordinate producers), from my recollection he was pretty convincing as a regular dude living among the ‘regular’ populace. i was at a post ae911 meeting one night in BK, and he appeared to be living in a room with his girlfriend…a WAC member named Heather. another time had a couple of beers with him after a newspaper meeting. a little shady how he tried passing me a guinness at happy hour as though he had paid (when I later learned the first round at that pub was buy one get one free) but i’ve dealt with stingy people enough in my life especially at bars where i can’t necessarily attribute that to a con act. however, small things are often indicative of someone’s overall character.

    my disassociation from WAC – and AE911 – began when i sensed they weren’t seriously trying to get to the bottom of it. tended to ‘censor’ controversial ideas because it would ‘hurt the movement’.
    for example, i recall a couple of different times asking more senior members including Luke why No Planes was such a taboo topic when virtually everyone was in agreement there were no planes in Shankesville or Pentagon. I hadn’t even seen Sept Clues yet, but didn’t seem far fetched to posit they wouldn’t risk remote controlling planes in broad daylight. and i doubt there were kamikaze pilots ‘mk ultra’d’ to perform the act. again this was before me reaching the ‘hollywood production’ state of mind. I was still in the ‘gov did it’ mentality, and these rascals were the ones putting themselves out there on the ‘front lines’, so i mostly sat back and didn’t try and argue. wanted to learn more from others and contribute however i could toward the cause. but i sensed juvenility.

    eventually, when AE911 truth, who i’d once donated to and handed out placards / dvds… kept hammering on about a ‘new investigation’ I was perplexed. So …the government purportedly did this and gave us the official 911 commission report, and you expect the government to then investigate itself again? Huh? Plus they refused to talk about architectural issues on the other buildings or even Pentagon…notwithstanding the evasion of media complicity. So not only did I stop supporting and endorsing them, but unsubscribed entirely from their operation.

    likewise, with WAC, i went to a few events / meetings, marched downtown on the 10th anniversary. also tried to help a newspaper initiative that went nowhere. but what drove me crazy was there was always petty bullshit drama like whether Luke took some of the donations or he had too much influence now that they got coverage with AJ. perhaps he did steal money, and the popularity fed his ego, but jealousy permeated the organization from what i witnessed. virtually none of the members i saw had excess money to throw around and more than a few thought others should pay for this or that just cus they were working. i’m a very generous fellow, even when i’m tight, but f’k that if i whiff any expectations.

    most of the members who were complaining incessantly about Luke weren’t doing jack, except attending meetings and arguing about what should or shouldn’t be done with the meager resources that had been raised. slacktivist weed smokers who would blame him for everything, but were never taking the initiative to get their own cameras or do whatever it is they claimed they couldn’t do because “if only those donations in the bank were open to a vote of how to be spent”. that sort of thing.

    i didn’t know him personally, but luke didn’t seem to be putting on an act at the time, be it downtown handing out fliers or interacting with the chapter members. i could’ve easily been mistaken though, so if he like Manny is a paid actor, well, from my vantage point, TPTB weren’t just putting on a sloppy production and assuming the masses would go along with it, not worried about the minority who caught onto the ruse. else why bother having any ‘victims’ families go on about it for years or pay a bunch of kids to run around like chickens with their heads cut off? it was obviously a multi-layered ‘cover up’.

    reminiscing, i still think it was inspiring how they would interrupt meetings and approach media figures and politicians on the street. I did see them scouring public and gov websites to see where x or y would be in the city and planning who and how to execute. perhaps that was all staged too, but from what i saw, most of that wac crew were broke college kids or people spending their free time wanting to be part of ‘the movement’ – and enjoying social camaraderie. a rag tag crew.

    All that aside, i appreciate that Brian is calm and doesn’t get triggered by haters, even when called a simulation by Hoi Polloi. i found his blog years ago which first introduced me to the exif data and possibility of empty towers. im still not entirely there based on experiences i’ve had there, but open to some or many of the floors being empty. it’s when i heard his Fetzer call ( i had listened to a lot of Fetz for a while as i tend to gravitate toward the ‘scholarly’ type if only for their impressive wordplay) and was pretty shocked how Fetz was so evasive and unwilling to look at glaring evidence despite his decades of reverence for the scientific method.

    also doesn’t bother me that people may journey into other topics. Was not that long ago i caught myself one day repeating mantras of us spinning on a ball hurling through space arguing with a born again…. i realized how these same scientific frauds I was parroting had endorsed the 911 demolitions as fire, as well scoffed at moon landing skeptics. Same for ev bio. within a week or two, i remember seeing Brian post the Dubay video which opened my eyes to the helio hoax beyond just nasa deception. which has led me to many other things.

    So whatever the shape of the earth is, if this thing we live on even has a definitive ‘shape’ and i don’t see eye to eye with Brian on characters like Mark Sargent, Pat Steer and that crew…but who cares? just one area of disagreement. indeed, more FE proponents should be more self aware of the issues with the a/e map, but ballers also should recognize inherent issues with living on the side or bottom of a ball …with all that water stuck to it. makes no difference to me… the creator of this realm with all its purported powers could probably make a ball – even a spinning ball hurl through a vacuum. or make the terrain level and curved. after all…it’s ‘God’ right? but i think a cordial discussion could be productive and BS is probably better than most of the FE community in that regard. I used to think that of Jeranism, but he sounded terrible in a couple of debates I listened to.

    BS has also been consistent from jump as to why Rogan was a fraud. at the time, i listened to JRE podcast / YT clips more for the Duncan Trussells and warrior poet types discussing psychedelics and miscellaneous philosophical topics. some of JR’s personal development material is good too. but BS helped me see how much of a douche he was especially with the ‘There’s No Way We didn’t Go to the Moon. There’s no Way’ smh. how ironic that I laugh at Joe Rogan now, but never for his jokes, despite him being a big time ‘comedian’

    last, BS is heavy into Mandela Effect. i still don’t know what to make of that phenomena, but ill go to my grave saying that Ed McMahon was associated with Publishers Clearing House. i’ve asked no less than a dozen people who i know intimately in mystery personal life – both in person, over texts and on phone – and when asked about who he worked for, all of them answered Tonight Show and PCH in either order. plenty of strangers too. something is up with that beyond just forgetfulness / false memories. What’s equally bizarre is all the people above ….not one has followed up in any way after i showed them the official story about how he allegedly never worked for them. not even a ‘that’s weird’
    Friends, family…it’s like they all have zombie bacteria in their brains :/

    *could go on for days on 911, but ill end here. I was in manhattan a couple of weeks after the event and it definitely smelled nearby. Zoned off but was within a few blocks in a cab. obv not sure if any of it was flesh or just chemical residue…or maybe they planted a stench? – but it was noticeable from several blocks away.

    **on the passengers…I don’t know what happened. But not all of the people were fake vicsims. I can say with a strong degree of certainty that Linda Gronlund existed in real life. Who knows what happened to her, but other than perhaps clandestine meetings with family, she went from being alive / around to no longer being around.

  2. John le Bon

    Thanks for posting this, Ab.

    This was a terrific show. Miles ahead of its time. Better than 99.x% of what is being churned out by ‘alt’ and ‘independent’ media today. How many years ago did Brian produce this piece?

    Just goes to show that the so-called ‘truth movement’ is and always has been a joke. It is not simply a matter of ‘show them and they’ll see’. It is a matter of the blind leading the blind. The permablind.

    In five years, where will most ‘awake’ people be? Where they are now. Still talking about thermite and space beams and flat earth and trannies and sex cults and trump ffs. Still working on the belief that 9/11 was something other than a made-for-TV movie.


    Even when somebody spells it all out for them, in two hours of well-produced content, will they see? No. Because most always have been and always will be incapable.

    It really as simple as that.

    It gets worse: where is Brian today? Pushing Flat Earth. Despite the TWO pole stars. Despite the southern flights. In some ways he has apparently regressed in the years since he produced his groundbreaking work on 9/11. What does that tell you? Even the exceptional among the humans can only go so far, before they caught by one hook or another. So many rabbit holes, a man is bound to fall down one and never return back into the light.

    If you are out there, Brian, please reconsider your belief in Flat Earth. Give me hope that a man can remedy his own malaise. Give me hope that a man can overcome his pride. Give me hope that there are others out there who can see through the Ball/Flat dichotomy.

  3. ricky

    I’ve been plowing through a lot of Brians’ old vids as well as Dave J’s old stuff. Their discoveries way back when are still a no-sell to this day for most people/dumb-shits to this day. My sister in law last week told me she was sorry for me when I told her we didn’t go to the moon! LOL!! Glad you’re saving this stuff Ab, it’s only a matter of time until he’s booted again, also “Fakeologist” will probably get canceled from Itunes, seems inevitable. Whats with all the thumbs down for “tokarski?” An innocuous statement followed by a question. The horror!!

    1. xileffilex

      Whats with all the thumbs down for “tokarski?” An innocuous statement followed by a question</blockquote
      A lot of traffic from the extreme Mathisian tendency which still keeps an eye on us, methinks.

  4. xileffilex

    Early on, Brian mentions the ABS, American Bureau of Shipping [one of whose alleged employees on the 91st floor was UK born George Sleigh, a perennial on the 9/11 lecture circuit.
    If all the building were hollow, certainly on the upper floors, the hoax goes back to 1991 at least when the ABS allegedly rented and put 140 employees onto the 106th floor of the South Tower [WTC2] with 140 employees –……
    [this 1999 reference still cites the 106th floor of WTC2, which may well just be a serviced mail box for the purposes of the fraud]
    primary source [paywall]

    Letsroll thread on the empty towers theory and problems therewith, here –…
    Yet by 2001, the ABS is described as a “small company” on the 91st floor of the North tower, WTC1, with just 11 people in that day, whose escape stories were told by “survivor” Claire McIntyre………

    Officially circulated lists of tenants give the “Atlantic Bank of New York” as the alleged sole tenant of WTC2 106th floor – but they’d gone…[if indeed they had ever occupied the building]
    dozens of Asian investment firms in the World Trade Center had closed their offices or cut employment sharply because of the recession in Asia. Other offices were leased but empty or under renovation. The Atlantic Bank of New York had moved out of the 106th floor of the south tower in July but was still paying rent.

    1. Faye

      I think that we should start treating the information about the whole involved parties in the WTC demolition the same way as we treat all other information about the 9/11 psyop: as part of the design.

      Even the information out of the official registry of 1991 can be faked. The company may not exist as such.


      The official narrative is in its own contradictory by design and we can, i think, reconstruct these contradictions and deviances and show that they do not comply to the main plot.

      We know for sure that the whole WTC complex was a highly controlled environment since day one. Every information that we are able to access about it is part of the official narrative or its designed contradictions.

      According to this train of thought the 1991 info about ABS must also be part of the design and obviously also part of the preparatory steps for the 1993 and 2001 psyops.

      Do we have any possibility to crosscheck characters that appear in both psyops?
      Could the WACO siege (as Tokarski indicated in his interview on be also part of the preparatory steps to 9/11 ?

      Thanks Xile for making your knowledge and expertise available to us newcomers.

      1. xileffilex

        Indeed, the ABS has the 106th floor address listed on their 1999 website
        but it’s only one alleged office in one of three large divisions, ABS Marine Services, around the world. So it may just be a mailbox. [the divisions were Integrated Services and Quality Evaluations]…
        They also had a London office, allegedly.

        I can’t find any mention in archived websites for the WTC1 91st floor “office” in which George Sleigh was allegedly beavering away in.

        Now, This guy, Mark Gilbert from Portland says he was on the 105th [not 106th] floor of the WTC working for ABS from 1996- July 1999, when I suspect the operation there, whatever it was, shut down. [Gilbert then seems to have taken a 15 month sabbatical….] What do we make of that?

        Look who was at the helm of the ABS from 1998 to 2006 – the late [d. 2016] Robert Kramek…, based one imagines, in Houston. The Frying Pan Alley office in London was the chief European office….…

        And Kramek had form, as one would expect, in the TWA800 hoax in 1996, which was another pre-9/11 drill.…

        [don’t you just love the title “What Really Happened”! i.e what didn’t happen.…

        I think a lot of the plane crashes, especially Lockerbie, which had terrist overtones, were lead in psy-ops, as the controllers tested disposing of large numbers of identities.

        1. Faye

          Agree that it makes sense to use the controlled environment of the WTC for various frauds e.g. firm mailboxes, but in this case the firms involved would not be part of the psyop design.

          If that is correct, it makes it appear rather improbable that ABS had in fact something real to do as an enterprise with the WTC complex (including a real mailbox which still is a real postal adress).

          Wikpedia lists ABS as a tenant of the 91st floor of WTC1

          Have to look into Mark Gilbert yet but the period 1996-1999 is definitely part of the designed information. So the info that he was on whatever floor is designed to contradict something else of the story.

          Haven’t looked into TWA800, makes sense though that it was part of the preparatory period or pre-9/11 drill – bookmarked to study.

          A provisory search i did for the 11 survivors of ABS gave me only 5 names, i need 6 more…

          Lockerbie, agree, must be included in the period where the decision and planning of 9/11 had been manifest. So the timespan would be 1988-2001.

          A deconstruction of Lockerbie would possibly give some indices as to how possible the above hypothesis is – also bookmarked to study.

          The manufacturing of identities is one important aspect, also the coordination of the media apparatus would have to be drilled, adjusted, etc.

          Yoh, “what really happened”…is the obscene object of the psyop desire 🙂

          1. tokarski

            My ex-brother-in-law works or worked for Morgan Stanley at that time, so naturally I called my ex to check on his well-being. She told me he was late for work that day and was alive and well. I’ll gladly pass along his name to anyone doing research, as I suspect he reported to a different address.

              1. tokarski

                It was 2001. I bought in, believed the pageant. And, he is my “ex” b-i-l. We do not speak. I have not seen him since the early 1980s.

                You’ve never been through a divorce? Get real. Of course you have. You are, after all, annoying.

                1. Faye

                  Sorry Mark, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings 🙂 This is not about marriage, only about memory.

                  I’ll gladly pass along his name to anyone doing research, as I suspect he reported to a different address.

                  You are offering to any interested researcher the name of your ex-brother-in-law who worked for Morgan Stanley “at the time” although you are yourself a researcher and could at least remember in which branch of… he worked… ?!

                  Even if you bought into the story at the time, now you dont. So why do you reproduce an “information” which you can not verify yourself although you are the source of it?

                  You are indicating simultaneously that you “suspect” that “he” did “respond to a different adress”.

                  Is this ment to make the “information” which can not be verified by its own source more attractive to a potential researcher?

                  Do I look like a fekin carpet-seller?

                  Too many empty signifiers for my taste.

                  If you find this annoying, jump to the summary:
                  I don’t buy it.

  5. tokarski

    Thanks for this, AB – if only I had known about this when I stumbled on Judy Wood, I could have avoided that embarrassing chapter of my life. There’s a lot of stuff in this presentation that is new to me. I have long since quit reading and thinking about 911, but this re-triggered my interest.

    By the way, if we are going to do an interview, do I need to buy a new microphone? I use a Logitech thing that I paid maybe $30 for. It seems to work for everything but did not work on Disqus when I chatted with Faye.

    1. ab Post author

      You’re welcome. I’ll talk to anyone with any device, as long as I can hear them. Let’s try out your mic, we can use skype or you can even call in at 518-639-6233. Let’s try for this Sunday.

      1. tokarski

        Again, bad timing, as we are on a short trip. Let me call you when we return and arrange a date and time. We are guaranteed at least 8 listeners, as I see by the dislikes above!

        By the way, you surely notice, that the company that had perhaps a third of the victims on 911, according to Snaveley, occupied floors 92 through 101, two elevens. It never fails! (We are working on Jonestown, 909 victims, 33 survivors.)

        OK dislikers, have at me! I like what Jerry Seinfeld said about people who review is act, “I have left town and took a lot of money with me.” Rough quote.


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