Simon on the  MORANDI BRIDGE – Genova

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Image On August 14, 2018 the Morandi bridge in Genoa (Italy) was brought down, ostensibly (and in all probability) with conventional dynamite cutter charges – by a professional firm specialized in so-called 0;controlled” demolitions. This is currently the biggest news story in Italy – bar none. However, as can be readily discerned (by any of this forum’s seasoned media analysts), the news media were – once again – instructed to sell this staged ‘disaster’ to the public as a shocking national tragedy which

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9 thoughts on “Simon on the  MORANDI BRIDGE – Genova

    1. xileffilex

      Good find, Ab. It makes me angry that people can’t see through this BS – the actors are desperately trying to suppress dupling smiles in this oh-so-standard docu after months of coaching.

      1. ab Post author

        Why do all the apartments and businesses have to vacate? Why only 17 magical minutes per room to clear your stuff? Why no media? Smacks of a dictatorship style people moving exercise.

  1. xileffilex

    From a post by nonho. at CF…

    Facebook pictures of the alleged victims, collected as usual by journalists without any discernible ethics or investigative method, can be seen here:,,,,

    These photos are part of pre-hoax management, they are deliberately uploaded for the MSM to produce their “victim” chequerboards [as in every hoax ….] as part of their managed preparations for a new life after their participation.

  2. xileffilex

    Excellent work by Simon.
    Note how football plays a key emotional/narrative role here, as with many hoaxes and staged events

    Davide Capello, the former goalkeeper for Cagliari, survived without injury and was able to walk away from his car, even though it dropped 30 metres (100 ft) before becoming wedged between parts of the fallen bridge ***
    The Italian Football Federation announced a minute of silence would be held for the victims of the collapse before all sporting events across the country during the weekend that followed the incident

    *** an improbable story to say the least.

    The list of fictims has emerged very quickly, with the pre-arranged photos for the MSM…

    This Romanian truck driver was engaged in “Worldwide moving” – indeed! He surely will be shortly, perhaps he got a green card for participation.…

    I hope none of these is the 39th confirmed fictim who turned out not to “have died” from the “at least 39” dead reducing to 38….

    1. Unreal

      I hope none of these is the 39th confirmed fictim who turned out not to “have died” from the “at least 39” dead reducing to 38…

      Death tolls seems to be a very definate science where you either have a dead body or not. You might have mentionned this before (xileffilex) so this might be redundant – how is it officially explained to be able to have 39 dead bodies, then just 38… ?


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