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I use wordpress to publish this blog. I do not use wordpress’ hosting service, which is mostly free.

I don’t know who controls wordpress, which I think started open source, but they are clearly participating in some sort of campaign to purge advertiser unfriendly content. I do believe they have some ad service to make money on their hosting service platform, but I’m not certain.

I pay Automattic to host faketube. Is faketube in danger? Possibly.

This blog is hosted on an unrelated web host that’s been reliable and affordable for a long time. I highly recommend them.

My best guess is that the Alex Jones types are losing market share and eyeballs, and this is another pathetic attempt to get the mass’ attention to follow their controlled opposition.

Either people are getting hip to the concept of controlled op and cointel pro, or they are just not caring about any aspect of the media and their , especially as promoted by Trump.

From a blog since purged from wordpress hosting:

Alex Jones likes to brag that every day millions of people watch his youtube videos, but a quick analysis of his actual view-count doesn’t seem to back up his claims.

Recently the Alex Jones Channel posted 105 videos between 1 and 6 days ago that got a total of 1,879,944 views. The total average was only 17,904 views per video, and only 313,324 total views per day.

Over 300,000 daily views isn’t bad, but it’s not the millions he was bragging about. And he got those views by means of posting about 17.5 videos per day, therefore much of that number actually represents the very same people watching multiple videos.

The 105 videos during that period had view-counts ranging from 2,867 to 114,184, with only 5 reaching over 50,000.

That means his gets about 1 popular video per day that hits about 50,000 unique views, but the remaining 250,000 views per day is a soft number that may include many of those same viewers and other duplicates by the same people watching multiple videos.

So Alex Jones has to make over 17 videos per day in order to reach a realistic estimate of about 100,000 unique viewers, whereas somebody like PewDiePie only has to make 1 short video per day to reach about 4 million unique viewers.

In other words, of the estimated 30 million people who visit youtube every day, about 13% of them will watch the comedian Pewdiepie, while only about 0.3% of them will watch the newsman Alex Jones.

Of course, this analysis is just from a limited sample so it might not be completely accurate.

Here is the sample list of videos used as data: Read the rest of this entry »

I do backup the site, but please feel free to save it to archive.is and archive.org. Simply paste any url from the site and save away! It won’t be total but a little bit is more than nothing!

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3 thoughts on “WordPress purge

  1. Unreal

    “Mullenweg and Automattic have eliminated the following blogs without cause, which is their right under the company’s Terms of Service, and that their shared themes make Automattic’s action content-specific. These blogs include, FellowshipoftheMinds, FundamentalOption, CinderellaBroom, AmericanEveryman, JaysAnalysis, ChemTrailsPlanet and Government Rag.”

    Matt Mullenweg’s Ministry Of Truth

    The above article clearly demonstrates how it is fake truthers promoting disinformation who are being “hit” by the private blog host WordPress .com which is a commercial company that has nothing to do with the open source software (GPL General Public License) that has become the standard for managing websites with databases (Content Management Systems or CMS) such as blogs.

    In the post you (Ab) do make the distinction between the commercial company and the opensource non-proprietary software that is most widely understood when the name WordPress is mentionned. Nevertheless is is hard not to confuse the blog host company with the open source software.

    The communality between both entities – the software and the commercial blog host – is Matt Mullenweg who was the co-developer of the software, and also an astute business-owner. But the software itself that we mostly will refer to when using the name “WordPress” is not a commercial entity but open source, and software can not of course “censor” any content as software has no content – its just a program.

    WordPress .org = Open Source GPL software (no content)
    WP open source Wiki

    WordPress .com = Commercial blog host responsible for content (w. proprietary version of WP)
    WP commercial Wiki

    The above confusion seems just as volontary as the curious decisions by Moveable Type to self implode and let WordPress CMS take over the world. As the” WP purge” situation is artificial, who would be part of and benefit from this hostile attitude towards “truthers” ?

    The right answer is probably that the true “purge” profiteer is the TCC*.

    When we consider the fact the “purge” scenario allows websites and truther outlets to be mentionned in even mainstream media, it is a great way to do negative marketing promotion. To this we might add that negative marketing is particularly astute for conspiracy content that is supposed to be controversial anyhow. And who might the Elite want to promote with negative marketing if not the State and Intelligence managed operations as described in The Conspiracy Conspiracy ?

    It is pretty clear that all the cited WP “exemples” mentionned in the press of purged victim outlets are in fact contrived outlets all part of the TCC. In a way, just as we label food organic and soy-free, the “purged” WP outlets can just as easily be labeled ‘certified TCC’…

    *TCC is the accronym for The Conspiracy Conspiracy (article, forum, podcast)

  2. tokarski

    I have long feared that I will wake up one morning to find the blog gone. My friend Straight and I agreed before he retired that WordPress was probably a CIA front, like Facebook. What better way to control us than to host us? When WP is done, I think I am done. I cannot imagine starting over from scratch or working my tail off for 25 hits.

    I do pay $99 a year to WP, but in the end, what does that matter? Will they shut me down and refund $33?

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