MFT001-Brian S Staveley’s First Time Exposing The 9 11 Media Hoax & Psy Op On Air In 2011

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Welcome to Master Fake Theater, where I post some of my favorite audios into the Fakeologist feed. While I can’t vouch for all the content, I post some of my favorite audios for you to consider.

Here is episode #1.

I posted this in the Fakeologist Audio feed so those that catch the podcast automatically can easily listen. This is a fixed up version of what Brian posted on youtube.

I’ll be posting more of Brian, Justin (RIP), and James’ work in the days to come. With the lack of audios anywhere these days, it’s instructional to go into the archives. Little if any of the research has been superseded by anything new today.

It’s really essential listening for any new 9/11 researcher. As 9/11 approaches again, listen in and learn not to celebrate the Nutwork’s annual death worship day.

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