Exploding Kitchener house

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I’m posting this not because I don’t believe this happened, but because we never seem to get an explanation for why they happen.

In one of the youtube videos, someone says the house was hit by lightning. If it was, and it stormed today in the area, can lightning hit a house’s natural gas line and blow it up?

Should all homeowners using natural gas be concerned?

A woman was killed and a man was airlifted to hospital after an destroyed a home and started a fire in Kitchener, Ont., early Wednesday, police said. The blast took place at a home on a residential street a little after 8 a.m., police spokeswoman Cherri Greeno said.

Source: Kitchener house explosion leaves one dead, another in critical condition | The Star

Dramatic youtube video.

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1 thought on “Exploding Kitchener house

  1. xileffilex

    Just another HRDPAR drill. An expensive one, but who cares, the cost is spread over insurance premium payers throughout the country, and it generates big headlines.
    “It’s surreal. It’s like a movie.”


    “I thought I was waking up to an earthquake” [lol! obviously the exploding kind of earthquake]

    Other hoax clues – the fake “citizen” video above and the use of the air ambulance helicopter
    Conclusion – #NDNGH

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