Meet my little sister deception

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Hellyweird repeats what works, including the Dorothy Stratten death hoax. Miles Mathis explains.

That’s because Louise IS Dorothy. It reminds us of Sharon Tate later pretending to be her little sister Patti Tate, doesn’t it? It also reminds us of Nicole Simpson later pretending to be her little sister Denise Simpson.
What other similarities to those events do we find? Well, we find actors and directors involved. Again,
Dorothy was engaged to Bogdanovich at the time of her death. Sharon Tate was married to Roman
Polanski. Nicole Simpson was married to an actor who had many directors and producers as friends.
Just a coincidence? Nope. These Hollywood directors love to pass off fiction as fact: it is their job, and they are relatively good at it. They fooled me for years and they probably fooled you. It doesn’t take much, since we don’t look too closely at these events. We take them as we get them. Or, we used to.
But why? Why fake her death? That’s easy, too: because she was about to get married and didn’t want to be in the limelight anymore. She and Peter didn’t want to have to deal with
Playboy fans following Dorothy around all the time, asking for autographs and pinching her ass. She was so famous she would be guaranteed no privacy for years. So we see the same reason they faked Marilyn Monroe’s death.
Basically, they wanted privacy and this was the only way they thought they could get it. Peter wanted to make a wife and mom out of Dorothy, so she needed to shed her reputation as a centerfold and shed it fast. Plus, Hefner was no doubt glad to go along with the ruse, since it would add to his publicity as well. I think that issue is still one of the highest selling of all time.

Here’s the official story, backed by a movie:

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2 thoughts on “Meet my little sister deception

  1. Unreal

    Conspiracy candy always comes as seductive tales, and Mathis sure is entertaining as he spins stories with close to no evidence – and upon inspection little credibility.

    Miles Mathis is yet another fake “truther” who is on a mission to misdirect and confuse and a player in the quite sizeable Conspiracy Conspiracy (article).

    First off, the Dorothy Stratten murder was faked, so whatever “love” Mathis hints that would motivate the actress who played Dorothy Stratten to ugly up, put on weight, butcher her nose, reincarnate as her shorter sister and marry the clearly unattractive Peter Bogdanovich is clearly ill hypothesized.

    Secondly, any “hot” wannabe Celebrity poster-girl will have the same type of looks comprised of big, fake breasts, wide shoulders, man-like head and body size. Using another actor is just so much simpler, and from the imagery much more likely*.

    The time Bogdanovich started “dating” Stratten’s sister Louise matches the time of release of his book “Killing of the Unicorn: Dorothy Stratten 1960-1980” which seems quite timely for the release of his book and better scripted* than the supposed “true love” Mathis hints at.

    Another pun is of course that Bogdanovich released his film “They All Laughed” with Dorothy Stratten after her “death” in 1981 and that it was the supposed “romance” between the film director and his star that motivated Paul Snider to kill his wife… Sure – and now we also have to assume real love was present if we follow Miles Mathis.

    Dorothy Stratten was a largely exploited PsyOp with films, books, court cases, songs and Bogdanovich being part of it all and marrying his dead artist sister just more polemics to raise the news-interest of the story.

    The selective picks of images made by Mathis clearly is misleading as there is ample imagery of the young “Louise” and Bogdanovich where there simply isn’t any inconsiderate likeness present and that such inferences only can stick in imagery where Louise Stratton is older and when all Hollywood starlets looks the same anyhow as their artificial looks break down.

    The only valid point made by Mathis here is that Louise & Dorothy Hoogstraten are not even sisters – just actors playing their part in the habitual fake news & event cycle of Hollywood. Mathis story does however emphasize how a PsyOp like the Stratten murder is kept in the news over many years and still can produce attention, false intrigue and conclusions.

    *a believable likeness between Dorothy & Louise is of course necessary for the Stratten ‘sister’ script to work and make Dorothy’s murder reminisced

    *the illusion to “unicorn” is possibly an EGI reference that hint at beautiful creatures sporting “horns”

    (hereunder images of Bogdanovich with Louise Stratton from 1990 and and Dorothy Stratton and her killer husband Paul Sneider from 1980)

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