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John Le Bon sets up a discord server, and has an impromptu chat.

I meet Craig bot.

Craig records audios on discord to whoever starts the recording.

If you want to use Craig, let me know and I can add the privilege.

If you do use Craig, send me the audio file if you want it posted.

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Confessions of a (fake) psychic hotline deceiver

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This story was allegedly pulled because the show found out that the writer was telling (shockingly) fake stories! It’s still a good story and worth listening to.

Yeah, there is. I hated what I was doing. They get something out of it. But the reason I ended up leaving was because they really don’t get what they think they’re getting. It’s sort of therapy. That’s how psychic networks justify it, that’s it the freedom to contract and the freedom to have therapy and the freedom to do what you want with your money. But it’s all based on deception. And the problem is the other side doesn’t really know they’re being deceived.


Stephen Glass admitting to his fake ways: is this story of the admitted faker itself fake and or is Stephen Glass a sacrificial lamb for the whole lying flock?

Stephen Glass, who as a staff writer at the New Republic in the 1990s perpetrated what may be the most spectacular, sustained campaign of fabrication known to American journalism, is still retracting his work.

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