FAC489-Ab, OBF, Rollo, Rachel, Velocet

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The return of OBF to the Fakeologist airwaves!


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2 thoughts on “FAC489-Ab, OBF, Rollo, Rachel, Velocet

  1. matti

    When undertaking an act of power, you must first state your intention to the world at large. By doing so you intensify your intent and call upon god knows what to support you. It works. From Muhammad Ali to 9/11. Fakery is very similar to magick.

    So ‘predictive programming’ has little to do with karma. It is a necessary step to cast a successful spell.

    There’s some good listening going on at the moment.

    Fakeologist.com still number one!

  2. Faye

    John Lear symbolizes for me the aim of the military culture creators in re 9/11. It is in short
    to bring up so much confusion to the topic that it can be pronounced simultaneously with superficial lala effects without anyone being annoyed. Oh, wait..


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