Ancient Egypt history started in a garbage dump

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John Le Bon does a good job on the Highersidechats podcast.

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  1. matti

    I was one of those THC subscribers that didn’t upgrade to The Higher Priced Chats of 8 dollars a month. 5 dollars was okay for keeping an eye on what the conspiracy world was doing and occasionally there were genuinely interesting guests. Greg asked for reasons from those leaving and I wrote to him saying that Generally as a fakeologist there was much too much to push aside and for someone who has also read ‘Prisoner of Infinity’, Whitley Strieber is the last straw… but I will keep an eye and maybe I might come back . Maybe I wasn’t the only one because, low and behold, here comes JLB as a guest.

    Could it be that Greg is looking to live off this game and is figuring out which route to take to get as many paying subscribers as possible?

    Fair enough, I suppose.

    That indicates that enough THC subscribers share the view points of for Greg to ask JLB onto the show.

    If he wanted to lure me back, this is a pretty good move 😉

    1. John le Bon

      Interesting comment, thanks for posting.

      Truth be told, I hadn’t considered this angle. Seems plausible to me. The only thing is, we were supposed to record this call months ago, even before the price increase. Due largely to my own tardiness in releasing material, we postponed the call once or twice.

      Still, based on the relative viewcounts of the recent uploads on the THC YouTube channel, it may well be that Greg’s non-paying audience has been waiting for something ‘fresh’, and this is the call which has delivered in spades. Currently sitting at over 11k views compared to ~5-6k for most recent calls.

      And if my call brings in a small bump to THC’s audience figures, I for one say GOOD!

      It will give Greg (and other podcasters) more incentive to interview skeptics like myself (or at the very least, people who are media fakery aware), and it will give people who are aware of media fakery more content to listen to. Everybody wins, as far as I am concerned.

      How cool would a THC interview with Ab of Fakeologist be? I’d pay $8 for the second half of an Ab/THC special! What kind of shmo would turn his nose up at that? $8 is a pittance to say thanks to THC for exposing his audience to the ideas which we all claim to want to see more people wisen up to.

      Anyhow, thanks to Ab for posting this call to his site. The feedback from all corners over the past few days has been phenomenal. Much less pushback on the Tesla hoax than I expected (although that part of the call is THC Plus only). And the wider audience has been more open to the War Hoax than I expected as well.

      Good times for good people 🙂

    1. John le Bon

      It is almost as though he must be skeptical of Flat Earth or something.

      Maybe that’s why he made 50 videos debunking, mocking and critiquing Flat Earth.

      That devious JLB and his tricky language! Truth in plain sight etc etc etc

      Jesus H Christ.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Hi John,
        Just for the record, and to perhaps help explain some people’s thinking, you changed your position on FE. Originally, by your own admission to ab on audiochat sometime back, you were taken in a little by the topic originally and felt partly responsible for having promoted the idea.
        I mean ‘Jesus H Christ’, you chaired a 12 step programme on the subject, Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable, which involved, among others, David Weiss, Jeranism and Mark Sargent (who neatly timed the release of the final part of his FE Clues for the last episode of the series).
        Below is a short clip from August 2015 where you even made the small effort to change ab’s Audiochat intro to ‘around the plane’ rather than ‘around the globe ‘.

        Subsequently you have, as you say, made a rash of videos which mock and critique FE. Your stance has changed.
        Having admitted you yourself felt a little guilty of being taken-in by the subject and helping promote it, you can perhaps understand how people felt a little taken-in by you.

        The whole FE thing felt like a set up and there were you, right in the middle of it. The John le Bon skeptics, perhaps understandably, have called-out your ‘tricky language’ in that you clearly promoted FE (see video below) whilst remaining on-the-fence-enough on the issue to come back later and mock it.

        I include the picture of the beanie-wearing Alex A, the author and illustrator of the Canadian children’s cartoon series ‘Super Agent Jon le Bon’ in my little video ( not meant for mass consumption, just to make my point here) to allude to further ‘evidence’ the John le Bon skeptics have of possible skullduggery. If it’s a coincidence, it’s quite a neat one for your doubters, isn’t it ? You gotta admit.
        We can perhaps agree that a children’s cartoon series would be exactly where we would expect to find the hand of ‘Intelligence’ to be. Hey, it’s Canadian as well. Perhaps it’s part of the same Intelligence network that ab works for ?
        This, you understand, could be the thinking of your skeptics.

        Personally I’m on the fence, as you perhaps maintain you were during the Ball Earth Skeptic series. I just wanted to make the point that skepticism of you, whether right or wrong, seems understandable.…

        1. John le Bon

          you changed your position on FE

          Incorrect. From the very first episode I was challenging FE and the so-called ‘evidence’ being put forward to support it. How many times do we have to go over this?

          Below is a short clip from August 2015 where you even made the small effort to change ab’s Audiochat intro to ‘around the plane’ rather than ‘around the globe ‘.

          It was an amusing gag then, and it is an amusing gag now. But are you seriously trying to put that forward as evidence that I was a Flat Earther or that I was actually promoting Flat Earth?


          Tom, take a deep breath and look at the words you are typing here, bro.

          I include the picture of the beanie-wearing Alex A, the author and illustrator of the Canadian children’s cartoon series ‘Super Agent Jon le Bon’ in my little video ( not meant for mass consumption, just to make my point here) to allude to further ‘evidence’ the John le Bon skeptics have of possible skullduggery.

          Firstly, credit where it is due, that is an amusing video. Well done. I have added it to my collection of anti-JLB videos, in the ‘funny’ category. I like it!

          Secondly, I also find the entire Super Agent Jon le Bon ‘coincidence’ rather extraordinary. I have addressed this several times, including in the following video:

          But what does that have to do with your ‘JLB is or was a FE promoter’ nonsense?

          The best evidence you have is… a piss-take recording I made on an audiochat where I parodied the Fakeologist bumper?


          This is some kind of joke. And thanks to the video you made, I give it a ‘pass’ mark. Without the video I would be giving you the gong, because this stuff got old a long time ago.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Sorry John, you seem to miss my point.
            I was merely explaining to you why people might be skeptical of you.

            Personally, as I said, I’m on the fence, but for you to say you didn’t change your position, is disingenuous.
            You now mock FE where as back then, you didn’t.

            That your tone changed over time is no hanging offence, but the fact remains it did and this is where some people have an issue. As evidenced by the comment I replied to, you’re still talking about it so I think the point is relevant. People are still John le Bon skeptics.

            On the little video, it was just a throw away that took two minutes to make purely to support my clearly valid point. I thought I’d probably remove it ultimately because, out of context, it doesn’t make much sense, so sorry if it disappears from your prized ‘anti jlb’ video collection.
            I’m glad you got a laugh out of it though. I aim to please.

            1. John le Bon

              Ah, so now it is not that I was ‘promoting FE’, it is that I ‘was not mocking FE as much’ as I later did.

              Fair enough, I can agree with that.

              I really only began the outright mockery of FE after the leading FE spruikers outright denied all of the evidence which we had all been asking for just a few months prior.

              I was happy to remain on the fence regarding southern flights (Aus to South America) and the southern pole star until reputable / trustworthy / corroborated evidence came to the fore. When it did, and the FE spruikers changed their own tune from, ‘we just want evidence’, to ‘well actually that evidence doesn’t matter’, things went up a gear.

              People can be as skeptical of me as they like. It makes no difference to anything. I am but the messenger. I matter not.

              As for your video, you can remove it from the internet, but you can’t remove it from my hard drive. One for the memories. You did well, honestly I do think it is pretty funny.

              There’s nothing wrong with taking the piss out of JLB. It is especially cool with me when Brits do it, it is part of your (our?) culture to mock without meaning harm. Keeps us all from getting too far ahead of ourselves, and as the World’s Leading Skeptic, I can use the odd bit of friendly banter to keep me grounded.

              What I don’t like is people trying to rewrite history, or claim that I ever ‘promoted’ FE or that I was a FE believer. This is simply a lie. And I have the copies of the BESR series to prove it.

              Cheers bro.

              1. Tom Dalpra

                I know you can take it. And yes, as ‘the world’s leading skeptic’ you deserve it sometimes.

                You perhaps recall that I was a JLB cheer leader at the time of BESR and really did appreciate your (what I saw as ) level headed take on the subject.
                You definitely never declared you were a ‘flat earther’, but you did say things like ” I’m seeing more evidence against the ball, than for it ” and the series as a whole certainly came across in that time and place, as FE promotion of sorts, to me. .

                Hence I was pleased to hear you say sometime ago to ab in audiochat, as I mentioned earlier, something to the effect of you felt a little bit responsible for promoting the idea having hosted all the main internet Flat Earthers during that series.
                ‘He’s got some humility’, I thought.

                If FE was a psyop, as it appears to have been, then BESR was a vehicle for it, in my view. As I’ve said before in conversation, that doesn’t mean you’re an agent, but if not, your skills certainly could appear to have been used for the cause and it’s this that leaves you open to detractors.

                For what it’s worth, I think the BESR series was a classic as a piece of entertainment. I was gripped


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