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Unreal and I will discuss the conspiracy con.

When? Monday, September 3 2018 @1911h


Animal Species Hoax – ASH

Links to the ‘The Conspiracy Conspiracy’ (TCC) material so far hereunder:

Controlled Academic Opposition (1 Aug 2018)

The Conference Con (28 Jul 2018)

Fakeologist forum topic – The Conspiracy Conspiracy (14 Jul 2018)

The Conspiracy Conspiracy (10 Jul 2018)

The Conspiracy Conspiracy

Conspiracy Gatekeeping (29 Jun 2018)


TCC* Truther Index

1. CAP * Conspiracy Aware Person
2. CCF ** Conspiracy Contributing Follower
3. TLR *** Truther Layman Researcher
4. TCC **** Truther Content Creator
5. TFF ***** Truther Front Figure

*TCC – The Conspiracy Conspiracy

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The Ludicrous Lusitania

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Gaia has an interesting thread over at POM. #HRDPAR have been occurring for a long time. Before planes, they used ships – the main transportation mode of the rich and famous, who are used to garner attention.

As promised and mentioned in my introduction, I would like to treat 3 stories, narratives, -or rather plots- that caught my attention in recent months. The 3 peculiar plots, as I think is an appropriate title for the series, are related in a way, have similar features and were all happening in the same time frame; the early 20th century; pre-WWII. Part 1 in this series is about the first plot, a strange story indeed, and though not as well known with the general public (especially outside of the US) as s

Source: Peculiar Plots – Part 1 – The Ludicrous Lusitania – Piece of Mindful

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