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Unreal and I will discuss the conspiracy con.

When? Monday, September 3 2018 @1911h


Animal Species Hoax – ASH

Links to the ‘The Conspiracy Conspiracy’ (TCC) material so far hereunder:

Controlled Academic Opposition (1 Aug 2018)

The Conference Con (28 Jul 2018)

Fakeologist forum topic – The Conspiracy Conspiracy (14 Jul 2018)

The Conspiracy Conspiracy (10 Jul 2018)

The Conspiracy Conspiracy

Conspiracy Gatekeeping (29 Jun 2018)


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*TCC – The Conspiracy Conspiracy

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14 thoughts on “FAK211-Unreal

  1. John le Bon

    Does anybody have the timestamp for when he accuses me of being a ‘paid shill’?

    I’d like to avoid sitting through another two hours of boogeyman finger-pointing just to get to the good bit.

    Dark thoughts manifest dark thoughts.

    There are no boogeymen coming to get us, guys.

    The world is a beautiful place.

    Try to relax and enjoy it 🙂


    1. dante

      id start at the 25:30 mark for a little context. a minute later ab brings your name up and that segment lasts for just a few minutes.

      apparently you having had jeranism, weiss et al… on your BES show makes you a highly suspicious conspiracy cat!

      and by having the audacity to reply to your comment, my alleged allegiance to you will surely add me to the network of cells in his spreadsheet.

      hopefully after hearing my voice on Discord, in real time, there’ll be a formal retraction of the baseless ‘Allen = Dante’ nonsense.

      not crossing my fingers though.

      couldn’t get past an hour in …so perhaps there’s another mention.

  2. ricky

    Excellent breakdown, amazing how comprehensive this control grid appears to be. It makes perfect sense when considering the elite aren’t really building nukes, fighting wars, flying into space etc. Stands to reason those resources would instead be used to keep the masses fooled.

  3. Unreal

    One of the most telling facts about the intelligence conspiracy outlets is the overall workload and the number of authors and guests that are participating.

    With James Corbett as mentioned in FAK211 it is particularly striking how big his network is and how timely his success was orchestrated around the 3/11/11 Fukushima Nuclear Core Bet that seems to have been made on his particular outlet – conveniently being on the scene of the crime so to say – just as most intelligence operatives will lie to give themselves a closer connection to their main area of deception.

    Corbett has since 2007 made 2078 broadasts at the time of my study of his particular role in The Conspiracy Conspiracy (TCC) and herunder you can find the spreadsheet with Corbetts 1329 archived “interviews” series shows, illustrated hereunder with the list of 473 guests he has had on for this show alone…

    (James Corbett has in addition to the references interview series done 340 James Corbett Podcasts, 277 James Corbett Radio broadcasts, 41 James Corbett FLNWO shows, 40 James Corbett Questions podcasts and 9 The Well Read Anarchist shows)

    James Corbett Interviews Spreadsheet

    James Corbett Interview Guests
    Aaron Dykes, Aaron Franz, Aaron Hawkins, Aaron James, Abby Martin, Adam Kokesh, Adrian Salbuchi, Aidan Monaghan, Aileen Mioko Smith, Alan Watt, Albert Lanier, Alex Abella, Alex Jones, Alex Tsakiris, Alfred Adask, Andre Rousseau, Andrew Demeter, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Andrew Hoffman, Andrew Steele, Andy Baker, Anh Ly, Annie Machon, Anthony Coughlan, Anthony Flammia, Anthony Gucciardi, Anti-Illuminati, Anton Chaitkin, April Boden, Arnie Gundersen, Austin Green, Ayssar Midani, Barrie Zwicker, Barry Cooper, Barry Wyatt, Ben Stone, Benny Wills, Bill Bullard, Bill Conroy, Bill Murphy, Bill Ottman, Bill Still, Blakhatz, Bob Bowman, Bob Chapman, Bonnie Faulkner, Brad Morrison, Brandon Turbeville, Brent DeBoer, Brett Weinotte, Brian McLain, Brian Smyth, Broc West, Bruce Levine, Caity & Dan Greene, Carey Wedler, Carlo De Micheli, Carlos Miller, Carlos Morales, Casey Morell, Catarina Mota, Catherine Austin Fitts, Chance Garton, Charles Farrier, Charles McJilton, Charlie McGrath, Charlie Skelton, Charlie Veitch, Chris Emery, Chris Geo, Chris Harder, Chris Neandrathal, Christoph Germann, Christopher Black, Christopher Porter, Chuck Ochelli, Claire Bernish, Clare Swinney, Clive Boddy, Clyde Lewis, Connie Fogal, Connie Fournier, Cynthia McKinney, Dan Dicks, Dan Fox, Dan Hamburg, Dan McCall, Dan Sanchez, Dan Schultz, Daniel Brigman, Daniel Bushell, Daniel Estulin, Daniel McAdams, Daniel Taylor, Danny Sessom, Dave Allen, Dave Derby, Dave Of X22 Report, David L Smith, Dean Jackson, Deborah Peel, Denis Rancourt, Derrick Broze, DJ Ball, Donna Laframboise, Doug McKenty, Doug Owen, Douglas Bolles, Douglas J Hagmann, Douglas Lain, Douglas Valentine, Dr Bruce Levine, Dr David Halpin, Dr David Healy, Dr Frederic Whitehurst, Dr Helen Caldicott, Dr James Beck, Dr James Tracy, Dr Jeffrey Kaye, Dr Judith Curry, Dr Julian Charles, Dr Katherine Albrecht, Dr Meryl Nass, Dr Michael Bennett, Dr Neil Carman, Dr Paul Connett, Dr Richard Lindzen, Dr Robert Verkerk, Dr Stan Monteith, Dr Tim Ball, Dr William Hirzy, Dr William Pepper, Ed and Ethan, Edda West, Elaine Dewar, Elijah Johnson, Elissa Hawke, Ellen Brown, Eric Dion, Eric Draitser, Eric Shine, Ernest Hancock, Eva Bartlett, Faraj Muftah, Field McConnell, Francis Steffan, Freeman Fly, G Edward Griffin, Galen Mitrzyk, Gareth & Paul (Yeoman Trust), Garland Nixon, Gary Chartier, Gary Franchi, Gary Kohls, Gary Null, Geordie Guy, Gerald Celente, Graeme MacQueen, Grant F Smith, Greg Carlwood, Greg Hunter, Greg Nikolettos, GroundedBeing, Guillermo Jimenez, Guy Evans, Haneul Na’avi, Hannah Lownsbrough, Helen Skopis, Henrik Palmgren, Herbert Snorrason, Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, Howard Phillips, Ian Henshall, Isao Aratani, Iymen Chehade, J Michael Springmann, Jack Blood, Jack Harris, Jacob Hornberger, Jacob Isbell, James Clary, James Evan Pilato, James Lane, James Moriarty, James Perloff, James Petras, James Roberts, James Tracy, Jan Irvin, Jane Turner, Jason Bermas, Jason Burack, Jay Dyer, Jay Hanahan, Jeff Berwick, Jeff Ruch, Jeffrey Tucker, Jem Bendell, Jeremy Rys, Jerome Corsi, Jerome Ravetz, Jerry Day, Jesse Trentadue, Jim DiEugenio, Jim Goddard, Jim Hogue, Jim Marrs, Jim Steele, Jim Stewart, Jim Tucker, Jo Nova, JoAnne Moriarty, Joanne Nova, Joe Hagmann, Joe Lauria, Joe Plummer, John (Great Western Inland Sea podcast), John Anthony Hill, John B Wells, John Boncore (Splitting The Sky), John Gibbons, John Hankey, John JD Roberts, John LaForge, John Whitehead, John Young, Jon Rappoport, Jonathan Brown, Jonathan Elinoff, Jonathan Latham, Jordan Kaufman, Joseph Trento, Josh Del Sol, Joshua Harris, Joshua Pearce, Joyce Riley, Julia Tourianski, Julie Beal, Julie Wood, Julien Teil, Justin Burke, Kallen Diggs, Kate Prince, Katherine Gallagher, Kathy Manley, Kaye Beach, Keelan Balderson, Keith Harmon Snow, Ken Shishido, Kerry Lutz, Kevin Annett, Kevin Carson, Kevin Ryan, Kris Andrews, Kristina Borjesson, Lance Bowman, Lance White, Larken Rose, Larry Pinkney, Larry Rosen, Lars Schall, Laura Maxwell, Laurette 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Madsen, Wayne Prante, Wayne Walton, Webster Tarpley, Will Thomas, William Bergman, William Binney, William Engdahl, William Hathaway, William Morgan, Yoshioka Tatsuya, Yuki Tanaka, Yumi Kikuchi, Yves Engler, Zac Fillingham, Zeke McLeskey

    1. xileffilex

      Thanks for putting JC into the spotlight, UNreal. I was briefly taken in by his crisp style but turned off when I realised that high profile suicides were faked. #NDNGH rather than the operatives’ false choice/rabbit hole journey of murder/suicide One may safely assume that all the following were staged media events and relocations rather than suicides.

      Here’s where I started off [as in my fakeologist bio]

      Thanks for explaining why he was based at the time in “western Japan” – something which puzzled me at the time.

      This little clip is hilarious –
      “Shut up conspiracy theorist!” by James Corbett

      particularly interesting for me was the appearance at 2:25 of of the former UK “left wing” politician Michael Meacher who was incidentally, a key 9/11 gatekeeper
      “The truth is conspiracies do sometimes occur…”

      Meacher was retired [died] suddenly in late 2015, with no cause of death given, aged 75. Allegedly it occurred in hospital, where one normally goes with some kind of illness…naturally the hospital was never named.
      From the Manchester Evening News
      the usual spook marker – “understood”
      It is understood he had been in hospital for around a week.
      Ollie Manco, Mr Meacher’s constituency caseworker and a Manchester councillor, said he had spoken to the MP as recently as last week, when he seemed ‘sprightly and chatty’.

      No surprises that we find key UK gatekeepers Machon, Gosling and Secker in the Corbett “report” of UNReal.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Yes xileffilex, I was quite taken by Corbett’s ‘crisp style’ back in the day.

        On UK politician and 9/11 gatekeeper Michael Meacher though, I don’t see why he couldn’t have just actually died, naturally ? He was 75 years old.
        You suggest that the word ”understood” is a ‘spook marker’ but isn’t this just the language of newspapers ? It’s like the ” we want to thank the police and the hospital staff who did a fantastic job” line that we see so often after psyops. Yes, it’s a favourite old line that is used in those circumstances, but it doesn’t actually prove anything. A few weeks back there was an accidental death after a pub fight in Cambridge which I was in touching distance of and the report in the newspaper read exactly like the faked reports do including the line ‘we want to thank the police and hospital staff for a fantastic job…” etc.

        Hey, I don’t know, there may well have been a reason for Meacher to ‘be retired’ , but right now I don’t really see any evidence of it.

        1. xileffilex

          Well, the coverage didn’t satisfy me, Tom. “Oh, i think I’ll just check into an unnamed hospital for a week while in good health and “die naturally”…. On second thoughts, as with the recent ‘death without cause’ of Lord Melchett, I suspect that when prominent people wish to take ‘Ye Olde Trippe to Zuerich” then it’s not reported as such in the controlled press. I’d forgotten I had covered Comrade Meacher on the 9/11 thread, including the visit of Alex Jones to his home!

          Hey, Stephen Hawking was 76 when he was retired in Cambridge [allegedly]…..

          A theory explaining how we might detect parallel universes and a prediction for the end of the world was completed by Stephen Hawking shortly before he died, it has emerged.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Fair enough Felix, your take is, as ever, appreciated. The fact Meacher was a 9/11 gatekeeper amongst other things is beyond doubt (I didn’t know about the visit from Alex Jones, ha! ) I just don’t see why his death would need to be arranged.
            With the outrageous amount of deaths that do really seem to be faked, I can understand your thinking, but people do die suddenly, as we know, and there’s not enough evidence there for me to make that call.

            On Stephen Hawking, I think we can agree that he was a narrative device, and still is, hence the retrospective theory, but if you’re suggesting his death was faked, then again I would suggest he did actually die.
            He was a real flesh and blood person and was wheelchair bound with a degenerative illness, it seems clear to me. It’s surprising he lived as long as he did. As I’ve said before, I saw him quite often in Cambridge where he would go out in his wheelchair into the crowded City centre over the years. You could see him and touch him and he might even stop for a word on his voice machine.
            In his case, he was a narrative device extraordinaire so I think he had the best medical care and was kept alive as long as possible to keep being the living breathing tool he was until his eventual real demise. Again, anything is possible, but that’s where I’m at.

      2. Unreal

        Glad you found parts of the show interesting xileffilex. I used to listen to Corbett’s ‘Requiem for the Suicided’ series as well…

        The link to the 5min “Shut up Conspiracy Theorist” video didn’t work for me, and for those with similar problems, the video is found here : youtu.be/oJFasQSkCME

        There is nothing wrong with James Corbett’s communication skills of course, and when we in hindsight look at his rise to his prominent truther position, it is apparent he was trained to be a successful truther – just as his fellow agent guest list testify.

        James Corbett’s 5th guest was Alex Jones, Dr Global Warming Scare (Tim Ball) in 6th position whereas Richard late-for-work Grove is in a dissapointing 15th position*.

        * as Corbett was assigned on a nuclear and environmental scare brief foremost… his 911 skills are probably best resumed in his very successful “The truth in 5 minutes

  4. Faye

    Cool that UNreal is back on discord and doing audio with Ab! Have fun guys 🙂

    Yeah, agree with Tom there, more so acronyms signify for me the subjugation of language under the military modus…

    But maybe as a person influenced by the postmodernists UNreal is discharded from the above accusation.

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