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Unreal and I will discuss the conspiracy con.

When? Monday, September 3 2018 @1911h


Animal Species Hoax – ASH

Links to the ‘The Conspiracy Conspiracy’ (TCC) material so far hereunder:

Controlled Academic Opposition (1 Aug 2018)

The Conference Con (28 Jul 2018)

Fakeologist forum topic – The Conspiracy Conspiracy (14 Jul 2018)

The Conspiracy Conspiracy (10 Jul 2018)

The Conspiracy Conspiracy

Conspiracy Gatekeeping (29 Jun 2018)


TCC* Truther Index

1. CAP * Conspiracy Aware Person
2. CCF ** Conspiracy Contributing Follower
3. TLR *** Truther Layman Researcher
4. TCC **** Truther Content Creator
5. TFF ***** Truther Front Figure

*TCC – The Conspiracy Conspiracy

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14 thoughts on “FAK211-Unreal

  1. John le Bon

    Does anybody have the timestamp for when he accuses me of being a ‘paid shill’?

    I’d like to avoid sitting through another two hours of boogeyman finger-pointing just to get to the good bit.

    Dark thoughts manifest dark thoughts.

    There are no boogeymen coming to get us, guys.

    The world is a beautiful place.

    Try to relax and enjoy it 🙂


    1. dante

      id start at the 25:30 mark for a little context. a minute later ab brings your name up and that segment lasts for just a few minutes.

      apparently you having had jeranism, weiss et al… on your BES show makes you a highly suspicious conspiracy cat!

      and by having the audacity to reply to your comment, my alleged allegiance to you will surely add me to the network of cells in his spreadsheet.

      hopefully after hearing my voice on Discord, in real time, there’ll be a formal retraction of the baseless ‘Allen = Dante’ nonsense.

      not crossing my fingers though.

      couldn’t get past an hour in …so perhaps there’s another mention.


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