Destroying Tesla destroys Judy Wood’s DEW

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Tesla probably only got a big name recently due to Tesla cars. Heck, they even very recently renamed a piece of industrial street in Hamilton, Ontario after him. Does this make his persona real?

There is even a statue that I plan to visit of him on Goat Island, Niagara Falls. If he’s a mythical figure, then he sure has been built up, similar to . Did he have anything to do with AC current? I tend to believe he’s real, and he did have something to do with AC current, but after that, perhaps that’s where the myth making begins.

I agree that learning about Judy Wood, then reading the Tesla narrative, gave credence to her theory. I even watched the 0;crazy” Vancouver character John Hutchenson who was moving magnets or alchemizing different materials. It all seemed fraudulent but the Tesla history made it more possible.

I did not listen to the whole JLB/HSC interview, but I enjoyed most of the free hour. Therefore I cannot recommend the rest of the podcast, but I do like JLB’s work so I post the ad below.


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