MFT005-Fetzer with David Arnold on deception

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One of my favorite shows, with descriptions of tricks, , . Nothing ground breaking, just a good overall chat. There are even chemtrail mentions!

NB: I removed all the Beatles .

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4 thoughts on “MFT005-Fetzer with David Arnold on deception

  1. dirtybenny

    This is a brilliant episode and should be required listening for fakeologists. Arnold uses nearly all of “Teller’s” magic trick secrets in his breakdown of “exposing chemtrails”.…

    Global warming, evolution, biological weapons, radioactivity, allopathic medicine, “our government”, AIDS, viruses, Trojan horse, mythology, call the police, 9-11, reducing planetary population, GMO, Star Trek, merit of voting and elections, drones, NATO, nation states, “Bay of Tonkin”, errors in memories (Mandela), flag on the moon, nuclear bomb, World War, punctuated with Beatles music……an incredible potpourri of NLP.

    Cover stories for cover stories…indeed. “It’s sort of a magic trick.”

    “Thomas Pynchon..Did I say that right?” lovely touch to humanize the script.

    If they can get you asking the wrong question, they don’t have to worry about the answer. Arnold proceeds to show us how this is done with describing a gruesome murder and people’s so-called reactions to that.

    Directing attention and perception shows the overlap of magic with hypnosis, a key to understanding how the deceptions are so successful.

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