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Not sure how I overlooked this category, but I’m getting tired of hearing about Cosby and his (sim)sex-capades and thought it’s time to at least categorize this type of celebutard manipulation.

Of course, the biggest celebrity villain has to be OJ. He was a natural to flip into a lifetime final acting role as villain. After all, he wasn’t great at delivering lines, and after the fake trial began, he has said virtually nothing. He just has to BE, being the villain and object of a lifetime worth of 2 minutes of hate.

Taking beloved Bill Cosby into the VCP was another stroke of genius. He epitomizes the extraordinary everyman, showing how all males can be hidden sex predators. Lock up your women! It’s not safe to go out anymore, even with cuddly pudding pop daddios.

In this infinite entertainment world, only tried and true celebutards can get our attention, if only for a short moment. They can be used for social change, medical fundraising, or to simply sell more music.

I hope they’re compensated well for their final lifetime acting roles.

Business Breaking News Harassment Legal Andrea Constand Bill Cosby Janice Dickinson AP Kevin Spacey and Steven Seagal won’t face sex crimes charges from the Los Angeles County District Attorney due to statute of limitations on the decades old accusations but over in Pennsylvania at the upcoming sentencing hearing for Bill Cosby, the past looks to become part of the present.

Source: Bill Cosby To Face Wall Of Accusers At Rape Sentencing; H’wood Star Vandalized | Deadline


This part may be the only real statement:

“The District Attorney’s latest Motion is another publicity stunt, not supported by ANY existing Pennsylvania law,” representatives for Cosby said in a statement today. “We expect to respond to this Motion and present our arguments in Court.”

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2 thoughts on “Introducing VCP-Villain celebrity program

  1. iseelies

    This dog and pony show is still going on with Larry Nassar, the Olympic coach. They paraded every single “vicsim” in the court to tell him how they felt. Of course when that was over, these “broken” women went to the Daily Mail and posed provocatively in lingerie – legs spread, bent over – oh the trauma. Larry Nassar’s trial took place in Mason Michigan – coincidence?

    I think Cosby was “chosen” for this role exactly because of his “typical American Dad” role years ago. I highly doubt any of these people are in actual prisons after the show winds down.

  2. tokarski

    I did some work (actually, a lot of work) on the Cosby matter. What I found is that while Cosby is said to drug his victims into submission, a ghastly crime, none over the years took time to file a police complaint. Consequently, for 26 such incidents over time, we have no rape kits, no physical evidence. The presumption is that because Cosby is a powerful man, women just took it in, kept quiet, and got on with their lives.

    That is horseshit. Only a woman with no self-esteem would allow such violence. If in fact a woman is drugged and raped, her first course of action on awakening is to piece it all together, and then call police. They are very good at this stuff, and use a “rape kit” to collect and preserve the evidence. It will keep for decades. That evidence in hand, public accusations have some meat behind them, and Cosby would have been tried, perhaps convicted, years ago. He would not have 26 victims, but only a very few, before his career was ended by jail time and probation. His wife would have left him, pronto.

    So what is up here? Just another chapter in the men are pigs psyop. Cosby, Dr. Huxtable, a kind and caring baby doctor, is under the surface a brutal rapist. The question is, why does he allow his reputation to be slimed in this manner? The only answer I can think of is that fame is given, not earned, and those who give it have complete control of their charges. Cosby was ordered it submit, and by some code of conduct beyond my grasp, does as told.


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