Breaking the illusion

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IF I was a fan of the Back to the Future franchise, I really wouldn’t want to break the illusion and see this silly discussion of a MOVIE by ACTORS.

IF I was Michael J Fox, and I was indeed faking Parkinson’s as a noble cause, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t show up in public.

In this video, he’s rocking like an autistic child, and hardly shaking like a Parkinson’s victim.

Waiting for Michael to touch his nose again.… Sadly, youtube has scrubbed all the old links.


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1 thought on “Breaking the illusion

  1. tokarski

    Sound quality so poor that I could not watch it. That’s OK, though. There is usually little to be learned from these reunions other than seeing that people have not aged well (though Christopher Lloyd has taken great care of himself). As to MJF and his Parkinsons, I have never bought into the notion that he is faking it. We could be seeing a reaction to the drug regime he is under to keep the symtoms under some form of “control.”


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