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9 thoughts on “FAC493a-911 Special part 1.mp3

  1. smj

    Memory lane is good ride on occasion…

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    richard benedict wrote:

    “smj, this Foerster cat sounds pretty lucid to me. I am going to email the You Tube link to Simon Shack. It ought to take him down a peg.”

    “Take me down a peg”? Sheesh, what is with you guys (smj and rb) and your mocking jabs at yours truly and my very humble cosmic musings? I haven’t even started publishing my working theory, for chrissakes! Lol – I must be the very first cosmic theorist to be ‘pre-emptively condemned’ for … uh, well – thought crimes, I guess.
    Have we come to a point where even trying to make sense of empirical celestial observations is viewed upon as ‘arrogance’? The little I have anticipated – in a few lines on my forum – is that my model appears to resolve – fwiw – what I feel are the most glaring problems with the current, near-universally-accepted Copernican model – that’s all, no more and no less. My studies have been – foremostly – of geometric nature (fear not – no fancy ‘particles’ or quantum psyence involved) and at no point have I claimed / suggested that my working model is the end-all of all cosmic theories – everyone will be able to assess it for themselves – free of charge – and above all, free of any ‘group-think’ or ‘academic’ pressures. And no, I surely have not announced that it will “explain the origins of the universe” – or anything remotely that silly & insanely pretentious. So please give me some slack, guys – thanks!

    Season’s greetings to all ?

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    Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2015/12/2…

    Can you play some memory lane Minnie ripperton please, my fakeologist nigger rollo? Its always family business ain’t it?

  2. smj

    Wars obviously is a hoax cause spaceships ain’t real of course ferfeckssake. But people will try to kill each other over stories though. Ive had a few try to kill me. I was shot by some cats that didn’t even have a decent excuse like war or whatthefecknot.

  3. smj

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    somebody should have warned poor franz ferninand and his missus not to be gallivantin’ around in hostile serbian territory in an open carriage auto. especially if that auto was named after a petulant mythical figure that was such a shitty driver that zeus had to strike him dead with a thunderbolt.
    “In Plato’s Timaeus, Critias tells the story of Atlantis as recounted to Solon by an Egyptian priest, who prefaced the story by saying:
    There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. There is a story that even you [Greeks] have preserved, that once upon a time, Phaethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father’s chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals.”
    franz’ supposed death would lead to the two great conflagrations of the 20th century we’re told. here’s the phaeton that ole franz got smoked in; notice the tags, A III 118…
    …we’re told 13 people died in that car; but miraculously the old phaeton looks to be in pretty good shape:
    “Nineteen-year-old Gavrilo Princip — a member of Young Bosnia and one of a group of assassins organized and armed by the Black Hand — was sitting at a cafe across the street. He recognized his opportunity, walked across the street and shot the royal couple, badly injuring Sophie and killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
    Ferdinand’s assassination was the breaking point in tension between European nations, and it eventually precipitated World War I, a multinational confrontation that eventually claimed a staggering 16 million lives, one of the deadliest wars in human history.
    What follows is a legend; that the 1910 Gräf & Stift Double Phaeton was so irreparably tainted by the events, that owner after owner that followed met a violent fate. Trouble is, it’s difficult to prove any of this a century later, when record-keeping wasn’t as rigorous as it is today:
    In the next 12 years, the Double Phaeton car saw 15 different owners. During that period, the car was involved in accidents that claimed the lives of 13 people.
    One owner, an Austrian general, became insane and died in an asylum. Another — after owning the car for just nine days — collided with two peasants and a tree after a valiant attempt to avoid the crash. Another owner committed suicide.
    And that’s just the beginning. With this one car, the governor of Yugoslavia suffered four separate accidents, one of which cost him an arm. He sold the car to a friend who bought the “cursed” car on a dare. The friend flipped the car over and was crushed in the accident. A Swiss racing driver met exactly the same fate. The last owner of the car was Tiber Hirshfeld, a Romanian garage owner who drove the car to a wedding with five friends. The vehicle suddenly spun out of control and crashed, killing all but one on board.”
    …armistice day is 11/11/18 of course.
    whoever’s writing the screenplay we’ve been told to call history ought to hire a dramaturge or two because these fucking fairy-tales are un-fuckin-believable. that is if you’re paying attention of course. the script-writers could at least ease-up on the symmetry at bit. not that we in ‘merica don’t have own geometry of the mind-fuck…
    …our great war began in some dude’s front yard. congress passes the revenue act to pay for the war; the war ends in dude’s front parlor. then said dude goes to work for the irs after the war of course.

    Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2015/12/2…

  4. teardropexplodes

    Just catching up with the audios and about halfway through Rachel was talking about WW1. I thought I’d drop a note in with some crazy info I came across recently. Archduke Ferdinand was allegedly murdered by that masonic agent while being driven in his car. You will never guess what the registration plate read?
    Armistice 11-11-18.
    The “war” was planned from beginning to end and they knew when it was going to end before it even began.

    1. John le Bon


      Thank you for posting this comment.

      I hadn’t heard about the Ferdinand plate ‘coincidence’ before but it checks out.

      F***ing lol.

      From the Smithsonian:

      I want to draw attention to an even more astounding coincidence concerning Franz Ferdinand’s death limo—one that is considerably better evidenced than the cursed-car nonsense. This tiny piece of history went completely unremarked on for the best part of a century, until a British visitor named Brian Presland called at Vienna’s Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, where the vehicle is now on display. It was Presland who seems to have first drawn the staff’s attention to the remarkable detail contained in the Gräf & Stift’s license plate, which reads AIII 118.


      A pretty good picture here:


      And then for some lulz, read the normies trying to rationalise this with their puny brains:


      As if it weren’t already clear enough, this should put the matter to bed.

      War is a HOAX. Period.

      We live in strange times. Strange, strange times.

      And I for one am LOVING it 🙂


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