FAC493b-9/11 Special part 2

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Part 2 of an epic broadcast.

With Rachel, Ab, Rollo, DaveJ, Phil Blanks, Originalsimulent, Dante, John le Bon, Godsscalpel, Onebornfree (OBF), thefifthbudda, Faye, Brian Staveley, Chad628, Tasteoffreedom, Napoleon Wilson, Typoerror,

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5 thoughts on “FAC493b-9/11 Special part 2

  1. xileffilex

    I found this tranche of 9/11 footage by chance and alighted upon a strange mid-atlantic voice at 8:50


    The Fox interviewer introduced him as “freelance photographer” Tim Hinton but the caption subsequently identifies him as Tom Hinton who allegedly photographed the “jumpers”. I can’t find any reference to Tim or Tom Hinton [or indeed for Thomas Hinton **] in the usual places e.g. here LRF or CF.

    **Here he is – New York Post since 2009
    seems like he is all-American, but he sounds more English to me.

    He also seems to have kept a low profile since taking part in the 9/11 TV production, no interviews, indeed no curiousity at the above sites, including this one.

    The Guardian described him as a Sun photographer [imp;lying the Murdoch owned UK Sun daily]

    The following photo is credited to him

    along with these which only “emerged” in 2006

  2. xileffilex

    This subject was aired some years ago, but is a nice fake piece in the 9/11 jigsaw – the Boaty McBoatlift
    This mythical event is worth remembering.
    The number of people “evacuated” was actually initially stated to be 1,000,000!
    source – ‘November 2001

    “You could only see about five feet ahead,” said Capt. Gordon Young of the Seastreak Liberty. “We had to come in to the dock using the radar. It was really bad.” Seastreak, based
    in Highlands, N.J., responded with all four of its fast commuter ferries and by day’s
    end had transported about 3,000 people

    One tug, – that leave 997,000 people to be “evacuated by other vessels, lol!

    All seven of the New York District’s boats responded to the call for all boats. The boats evacuated approximately 2,333 people from Battery Park to Jersey City and Hoboken, N.J.

    994,666 to go…

    two ferries, the Bravest and the Finest, are named after slang terms for New York City firefighters and police officers. The two boats carried almost 2,300 people to safety on Sept. 11.

    992,366 and counting…

    [Brooklyn Bridge] was completely filled with thousands and thousands of
    them, most of them coated in dust.” Fox Navigation’s two vessels transported approximately 1,300 evacuees to Glen Cove that day.
    According to Pat Smith of NY Waterway, the company’s ferries evacuated over 160,000 people *** by the end of the day—2,000 of those were medical evacuations to Jersey City where
    a triage center and ambulances were located. But Smith thinks the number was probably higher. “Nobody was counting for the first hour or two because of the pandemonium.”
    Capt. John Mauldin, port captain for Staten Island Ferry, was also ready with a fleet of seven ferries, operated by the New York City Department of Transportation.
    On a typical weekday, five Staten Island Ferry boats transport approximately
    63,000 passengers (104 daily trips) on the 5.2-mile trip between St. George Terminal on Staten Island and Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan. On Sept. 11, it was
    estimated that Staten Island Ferry transported
    over 50,000 people, but over a much shorter time span.
    The scene at the Whitehall Terminal next to the Battery was reasonably calm at first. “There was a little lull in the crowd and we were able to close the gates and get out of there.” said Capt. John Parese of
    Staten Island Ferry’s Samuel I. Newhouse.
    The 310’×69’ ferry’s first evacuation trip was nearly at capacity, about 6,000
    passengers. As the Newhouse pulled in to the slip through the thick debris cloud on
    its second trip in, there were tens of thousands of people waiting, frantic to leave.
    Some of the people jumped on to the ferry

    compare with the photos at Cluesforum, link provided above.

    And keeping the story alive in 2018, March, we read of this death-one of the navigators

    At the time, he was working as a pilot for the tourist ferry service running between Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
    Over several hours, Phelan carried hundreds of passengers from Manhattan to New Jersey, and transported first responders and supplies close to the ruins of the World Trade Center.
    Many of the mariners who took part in the evacuation have since fallen ill – Phelan among them.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio @NYCMayor
    In our city’s darkest hour, @FDNY firefighter Thomas Phelan’s heroism saved hundreds of lives. We will never forget his service and his sacrifice. www.nydailynews.com/new-york/f…
    8:18 PM – Mar 18, 2018

    Another former New York firefighter, Paul Tokarski, died of what was called a “WTC-related illness” on 10 March.

    source – BBC


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