FAC494-Spiro, Exoteric64, DaveJ, Velocet

like this

War is a hoax cagematch.

Rick and Dave Clash, and then make up.

With SMJ and Codyfrommemphis, Ab, Rachel

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4 thoughts on “FAC494-Spiro, Exoteric64, DaveJ, Velocet

  1. dante

    wow. there are at least half a dozen golden clips on this one for Velocet’s soundboard. will have to listen again and take timestamps, if only to selfishly want to hear them again in future shows!

  2. spiro

    @ Dave I said it and would not ever retract it.

    yet i do apologize for my behaviour to the group present. it was wrong and i have spoken on a emotional rather than rational way. i apologize for speaking like i did.


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