MFT006-John le Bon’s epic 9/11 show

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Not all Masterfaketheater’s are old – this one is new, as in this week.

A great show that went on for hours – here’s a one hour mashup of the best parts.

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1 thought on “MFT006-John le Bon’s epic 9/11 show

  1. RolloRollo

    It’s 33 Degrees celcius here in Newcastle, Listened to this audio on the way to the Beach and back, Well Done JLB and Velocet, this makes 9/11 very easily Digestible, I would only add that Capricorn One has the Fear Based Mind Control programme in it where Hal Holbrooks character is out to murder Sam Waterston, OJ and James Brolin’s characters, but hey we got a happy ending. cheers Rollo

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