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PG 214: The History of Rocket Science & “Zero Gravity” Part 10

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AA Morris is going strong and he makes a great mention of fakeologist in the following link. This link will also show you a fantastic podcast player that I am currently investigating for myself. 

Hat tip to Napoleon Wilson.

Podcast Episode 214: The History of Rocket Science & “Zero Gravity” Part 10 by The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast

player.fm/1stVxw?t=2693 #nowplaying

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‘My girl, Such bad luck she had’

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They had both recently turned 22 and were residing in the same Iowa college town, but their lives couldn’t have been more different before allegedly intersecting in the most violent way

This story got my attention. 

It has everything. 

Cute girl (no hips?), infectious smile, nonchalant mother, magic. number 22, all elements of a good crime hoax. 

We need a few good ones since psyop central seems to have the month off for 9/11 recycling. 

You’d think she’d have at least got a good wedge into the back of his head. 

Richards was arrested within hours, suffering from injuries to his face and hand after Barquin apparently tried to fight him off, investigators said.


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FAC497-Radio Rollo

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Rollo fires up another one.

Napoleon,Original Simulent, Silverbeam, Anounceofsalt, Tom Dalpra, DaveJ, Rachel

Dave J says the Freedom Tower is built for Destruction so as to give the controllers a new head of steam for the next 20 years section of time.

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