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  1. willard

    Jlb, shut up, you jerk. In the 1990s I had personal experiences with 2 ww2 vets who witnessed death. JLB, unlike your contrived manner, both were natural in the tone and diction of their recollections. I don’t have to prove by relating the details of what they told me of their experiences in Europe and the South Pacific. According to your stupid logic, jlb, both were talking to me to feel important. Lowlife Davej would say the reason one of the vets said he snapped inside an Alabama hardware store and slammed the head of a hapless clerk through a plate glass counter wasn’t because a careless remark by the clerk had provoked dormant memories of numerous deaths the vet had haltingly detailed for me over the years but rather the stupid vet had mistaken the voluntary disappearances of a German nurse, an Army scout from Lousiana, and Army Air corps pilot, 5 rear echelon privates, et., al. for a young German woman he had told to evacuate a hospital targetted for allied bombing (prior to her subsequent death), a fellow scout, with whom he had met in boot camp a year prior and served with subsequently, killed by a German sniper outside Berlin month before the war’s end, a pilot who, after several strafing runs at a German tank ensconced beneath a highway over pass, failed to pull up out of a dive and exploded into an adjoining embankment, 5 privates adroitly clipped by a combat vet’s M1after being expliciity told by said vet to not to (how shall we say it?) fraternize with a couple of nubile (yet traumatized) German civilians, etc.

    Davej’s transparent act is beneath contempt but, you jlb, have utility. I don’t know if or when the greeks sidled about this realm, but they did not harmata when they hatched the notion of hubris and its dangers.

    Give a fop like jlb a keypad and some andrenaline and he will tell on himself.

    I keep thinking of the movie The Parallax View and the scene where Beatty’s character is completing the personality test.
    How hard would it be to imagine jlb and davej next in line, seeking validation for their troubled little lives?


    1. willard

      Erratum: the 5 privates should read 5 rear echelon privates. Important, as like jlb and davej, these malefactors did not believe a real, living, breathing, red-blooded, combat infantry man would have the temerity to empty an M1 into them amidst such fakery for something as stupid and phony as chivalry, compassion, human decency, etc.

      Harmartia (sp)

    2. anzus23

      In the beginning of the 1980’s I have worked for 1 1/2 year in AUSTRIA. My hospice had worked as a nurse on hospital-trains who came down from the Eastern front. I tell you those guys didn t come down from a sight seeing trip. I have seen and spoken to a lot of people who had lost a arm or a leg in the war with Russia.
      No body got hurt and nobody died?? You make me smile., JLB and Davej.

    3. John le Bon

      Tell your story walkin’, pal.

      On 9/11, nobody died, nobody got hurt. Period.

      I don’t care how many people you claim to have known who were supposedly in the towers that day.

      When somebody on an internet forum or comment section claims to have known people who died on 9/11, it doesn’t make an ounce of difference to me. 9/11 was a made-for-TV movie.

      End of story.

      You can bear false witness to murder all you like, but it does not change the simple fact that War is a HOAX.

    4. davejyoutube

      anus23 You are a Story teller, No more and no less,. You are a echo for frauds who themselfs told you bold face lies. You by your own free will then continue your false witness of “war-murder” NOthing you ever say, think and or feel will make the stories you decided to believe in told by Liars ….true. Nothing.

      1. anzus23


        Thank you so much for your very nice and kind words. who did educate you?
        what do want? Having me to believe you on face value? You make me smile.

    1. John le Bon

      What is it that you believe?

      People are being paid money to come and spy on you?

      The government is sending ‘disinfo’ agents to come here and mislead you?

      ‘Spook agencies’ are hiring agents to obstruct the so-called ‘truth movement’?

      When somebody applies the heat to these paranoid delusions, it is amazing how quickly people backtrack and/or obfuscate.

      ‘Don’t misrepresent us JLB’. Okay, tell me what you DO believe, and be direct about it. Then I will tear the paranoid delusions down in quick order.

      You guys are poisoning the minds of innocent people with your paranoid delusions. Lord knows what effect this has on the people in your immediate spheres of influence. Family, friends, colleagues, all being impacted in one way or another by the inherently toxic vibes which you are spreading each and every time you allow your mind to wander to these dark places embedded deep in your psyche.

      The world is a beautiful place, this is an amazing time to be alive, and it is high time that the fearmongers and dread-spreaders were called out for their paranoid delusions.

      War is a HOAX. Period.

      1. smj

        I believe nobody is out to get me. Aa morris explicitly stated that he didn’t think anyone was coming to get him (as you phrase it) as well. It is a separate question whether our sheperds are minding this little corner of the interwebs. I reckon somebody is. I would if I was a sheperd for shitz and giggles and whatnot.

        And what do you mean by hoax?

          1. xileffilex

            So just who are those fireproof entities who seem to spend their entire lives patrolling Reddit and certain other forums, adding nothing, apart from restating the official MSM story of any suspicious event, historical or current, and provoking [for the purposes of banning the questioners] and attacking anyone who questions the official narrative? Like I said before, a strange unpaid hobby to have.

          2. smj

            Please define hoax, jlb.

            Oh and please stop abusing our language. I said aamorris said nobody was “coming to get him”. He definitely believes in shills though. He thinks you’re a shill and we all know you ain’t coming to get anybody.

  2. John le Bon

    I skimmed the first thirty minutes. Around 24 minutes our friend AA says that his father was in the military. A man who has released over 200 podcasts in the space of what, a year or so, and he is now saying that his own father was in the military.

    To me, this is not a big deal. I don’t believe in ‘paid shills’ and I don’t believe that The People Who Run The Show (TPWRTS) are trying to stop any of us from illuminating ourselves with the truth. I believe that AA Morris is just a regular guy who is trying to share what he honestly believes to be the truth. I disagree with him on many topics, but I do not for a moment assume that his intention is malicious.

    My question is to those of you who DO still believe in the ‘paid shills’ meme. How do you feel about a man who:

    *Openly admits that his father was in the military
    *Has released over 200 podcasts in the space of a year or so
    *Attacks other researchers who question military narratives


    Mr AA Morris is the same guy who was triggered when I first pointed out the Tesla Hoax back in 2016. This is documented. AA Morris was among the dozens of so-called ‘truthseekers’ who attacked the messenger for revealing truth about Tesla.

    Now that people have finally woken up to the Tesla HOAX, did I ever receive a public apology from AA Morris or anybody else for how I was treated at the time? Not that I am aware of.

    Is it any wonder to me that AA Morris is now doing this all over again? No. I for one am not surprised. And I am also not surprised that a gaggle of followers are enjoying the nonsense being spewed from AA Morris’ mouth. It makes them feel good to believe that they are under attack because it justifies their otherwise unfulfilling expenditure of time online.

    ‘We are under attack, which means we must be onto something’. No. You are not under attack anywhere except inside your own noggin. Nobody is coming to get you. Nobody is trying to stop you. You are completely free to discuss and to research whatever topic you so wish, and anybody who tells you otherwise is either deceived or a deceiver.

    War is a HOAX. Period.

    V2 Rockets? Hoax. Bombing of Baghdad? Hoax. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Hoax.

    How many ‘War’ hoaxes do you need to see before you realise that it is ALL a HOAX?

    How many Harley Guys did you need to see to realise that 9/11 was a HOAX?

    Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

    You were conditioned to mourn the deaths of millions of people who never even existed. You were forced to ritualistically mourn these deaths with so-called ‘minutes of silence’ while wearing red poppies, when you were a naive, impressionable and empathic little child. You were given an avalanche of films and TVs to watch which embedded images of death and ‘war’ deep into your psyche.

    If and when you break free from the toxicity which was inflicted upon you as an innocent child, you will see the world with fresh and optimistic eyes. A gigantic weight will be lifted off your shoulders, one you never even realised had been weighing you down your entire life. Until then you will wallow in misery with the other victims of mass mind control, and you will get angry at people like myself who spend our time exposing the HOAXES for what they are.

    That’s a fact.

    1. tokarski

      I do not think, JLB, that the concept or purpose of “shills” and spooks is well understood. People who jump into the debate bare-assed assume that these people exist to lead us down garden paths, keep us misinformed, and protect TPTB. That is nonsense, as I see it. There are no theats that anyone cares about, the population so deeply indoctrinated and under control that the idea that anyone is worried is laughable.

      There is a purpose, which I call Total Information Control. It is just good management practice. They want to be sure that no matter where we turn, it will always be one of them or one of theirs. They own Amy Goodman, Dr. Phil, Alex Jones, Thom Hartmann … the “alternatives.” They own Judy Wood and Jim Fetzer, probably John Lear as well. It is a given that the mainstream is theirs as well. So no matter where we turn, there they are. All we have is our own brains. There are no trustworthy authority figures.

      But you say “oh, we just disagree, they see things differently.” But I must say that if it is just a matter of point if view, I choose not to associate with people whose POV is frankly, unintelligent. If they can’t get the shape of the planet right, why would I trust them on the nature of our system of thought control?

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