6 thoughts on “Chris from Hoaxbusterscall on empty towers

  1. Eva

    I still don’t know what ever happened to Chris. Would someone please enlighten me?
    He was such a great voice. Thanks.

  2. xileffilex

    The date of this call was November 6 2010 – some time after the Letsroll call ins below, from late July/early August 2010 which are still avilable
    original thread


    Where is the smell from 420,000 (+ -) lbs of human flesh that was supposed to be in the piles?

    source and thread at LRF
    [answer - nowhere]

    But we are treated to such visual gems as this
    Amidst the rubble of Ground Zero, firemen keep a close look out for body parts of slain comrades as construction crews begin the clean up.


    Demolition site drill

    1. xileffilex

      The second part of the Jayhan/McWilliams chat with Fetzer is archived here

      I hadn’t realised that the above pair had done another set of audio on the hollow towers in 2016



      Is Scott “power down” Forbes [another Fetzer interviewee from 2010 who dropped into LRF circa 2014] preparing for “retirement”?

      Scott Forbes is feeling blessed at Royal Free Hospital.
      27 April · London ·
      Second attempt at a transplant …

      Last check-in


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