Double fake

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I may have to switch the name of the site.

The word fake has been completely diluted since Trump.

Here’s a fake story about a fake storyteller.

The script writers are putting almost no effort into their tales these days. This one is so generic it’s simply a placeholder.

have arrested and charged a Hamilton man after a 0;threatening” Facebook post from a fake profile suggested there would be a mass shooting at a downtown Toronto nightclub. The man, 27, has been charged with conveying false information with intent to alarm, and failure to comply with probation. He appeared in a Toronto court on Saturday.

Source: Hamilton man charged in what police call ‘mass shooting hoax’ on Facebook | CBC News

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1 thought on “Double fake

  1. ricky

    Napoleon Wilson called it over a year ago, you forced a change in the mainstream lexicon Ab, you have to give these a..holes credit, they don’t miss a trick.

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