CC 27 : Discussing media, ‘The Vicsim Report’ 

Hoi and K review the and its role in the

The Clues Chronicle issue 27 : Discussing ‘The Vicsim Report’ by The Clues Chronicle 

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2 thoughts on “CC 27 : Discussing media, ‘The Vicsim Report’ 

  1. Questioning Our Reality

    So Vicsim Report is claiming that almost 3,000 people that allegedly died on 9/11 never existed and these people were simulations and therefore their deaths were fake. That means that all the pictures of these people are fake too.

    I’ve read the Vicsim Report and Hoi Polloi draws lines on people’s foreheads saying certain people have similar foreheads and this indicates Photoshopping. Why not just get 3,000 Freemasons to fake their death for 9/11? The Freemason Philosophic Death.

    Why go to the trouble of creating 3,000 fake people and not just use real people and their pictures? In the United States 3,000 people is not that many. You have people keeping the secret and Freemasons have no problem doing that and nobody even pays attention if these 3,000 people are living among us under new identities.

    I don’t buy the Vicsim Report. I think 3,000 people (Freemasons) faked their deaths on 9/11 and are alive right now under new identities.

    1. xileffilex

      And all their living “surviving” relatives and children who are walking the planet, going to university, keeping facebook accounts each with hundreds of friends in 2018 are all simulations, as are their facebook “friends”? And all their verifiable and reproducable birth and marriage records from anything upto 50 years ago are fake? I die laughing at this nonsense. The gatekeeping exercise must run to a large percentage of the US population, as well as that of all the other participating countries if this VR garbage is to be believed. Or, more likely, as QoR and the LRF pair suggest, they’re new lifers. Who says all these “dead” people were happily married, dutiful sons and daughters and parents like the ghost-written hagiographies suggest? Who says families have to live together? If’s easy nowadays with Skype and cheap travel to live separately for $$$$$ . What was the 9/11 budget?

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