An improper slander

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Has AA lost it? This slanderous, insulting podcast with links to the lead character makes me wonder if he gave us nuggets of truth to only later spin us into Lala land (™). 

I’m only linking to this nlp rant because he mentions the site and people we follow. 

I like Chris of Hoaxbuster’s. I’ve donated to his podcast. I like John Adams. I donated to his paypal too. I disagree with everything AA said about these guys and find the whole trashcast despicable. 

Is this blackwashing, as POM or Miles Mathis has described? 

Conversely, with his manic attention to detail, AA may be the biggest fake hoax fan we’ve ever seen. 

Podcast Episode 6: The Circus of The Cyber Shills by The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast

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17 thoughts on “An improper slander

  1. Lex Mercatoria

    Though AA’s site is up, for all practical purposes it is now offline. He released what he labeled as his final podcast and all the resources on his site have been deleted. Too bad–he had some interesting links and files posted there that I hadn’t yet examined. Anyhow, it is now some sort of pro-gun control promotion site. Unreal.

  2. xileffilex

    In the later episodes I kept thinking it was some kind of Max Headroom 2.0 – artificially created ramblings – hence the constantly repeated references to just a few names. One puzzler was Sonny Melton from the Las Vegas HRDPAR, an heroic fictim with his own figurehead [Mrs Heather Melton] , which small role-playing part of that “massacre” nobody else seems to be analysing.[I’ll correct that soon]

  3. John le Bon

    [The following comments are based on my having listened to portions of AA podcast episodes 225, 226, and 227]

    I tried to explain this in a private chat yesterday and found myself unable to articulate my thoughts. Still I do not know how to convey my sentiments about this AA meltdown. Perhaps part of me refuses to believe that a real-life man with a real-life family and a real-life passion for alternative research could fall so far so quickly. Perhaps I don’t want to accept that even the more intelligent-seeming of the humans can be so fragile and so flawed.

    While listening to the meltdown episodes, I felt a range of conflicting emotions. The base part of my psyche was almost enjoying the airing of dirty laundry. Even the shit said about me, it was ‘fun’ to listen to, but ‘fun’ is not really the right word. I don’t know what word I am looking for. Perhaps English does not have the word I am looking for. But I guess it is kind of like an enjoyment from peering into the mind of what people really think about each other, when the facade has been lifted, the pretense of respect is gone.

    It is as though I (we?) derive some sort of satisfaction from hearing the personal mudslinging, from watching the meltdown unfold. This is the base part of who were are, something which performance drama taps into. Everything from ‘high art’ Shakespearean theatre, to lemming-tier daytime television, not to mention truther wars which rate much higher than any of the non-conflict material released by so-called ‘researchers’ — all of it appeals to something within us, the part of the ‘I’ which seems to get off on the clash of emotions that the mudslinging evokes.

    On top of this is the burning question of, ‘is this guy serious?’. Throughout the portions I listened to, I kept on asking myself, is this dude serious? Is this whole thing real? Or is this guy joking? What the hell is going on here? The constant repetition of key phrases such as ‘jaw blown off’, it seemed too over-the-top to have not been premeditated. But for what? What could any person hope to gain from this?

    I don’t know if AA is a real person with genuine intent (good or bad). If he is, I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. Something is definitely wrong with him, VERY wrong, if this is all real. But I just cannot accept that this is real. Something about it seems off. As though we are witnessing a grand spectacle of avant-garde performance art, some kind of semi-scripted meta-exposition of the contemporary ‘truther’ mindset and scene.

    Like most (all) human beings I prefer to feel as though I have a firm grasp of what another person’s motives might be. I prefer to feel as though I know where they are coming from, what they are trying to accomplish. In this case I simply cannot pin it down.

    Perhaps SMJ et al. are correct and this really is just another ACT realm meltdown, like so many before it. One of AA’s biggest critics, a man who calls himself Gaia, has had his fair share of meltdowns in just the past twelve months, and yet he still feels like he has the right to judge AA. Such is the utter hypocrisy and absolute state of the present-day ACT realm. Meltdowns are so much a part of this scene that even the biggest meltdowners feel the right to judge their fellow meltdowners.

    It would not surprise me in the slightest to see AA back behind the microphone, acting as though nothing ever happened, within a few months. And the majority of his previous listenership will carry on as though nothing ever happened. How many times have we seen this story play out? If anything, the heightened sense of interest in AA we are currently seeing, driven almost entirely by the base desire for drama I mentioned earlier, may actually increase AA’s audience in the medium term.

    In the background will be myself and a tiny group of genuine researchers exposing the War HOAX for what it is. The question will remain: has AA’s meltdown been in any way precipitated by the recent surge in interest in the War HOAX? If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that this is indeed the case. The programming runs so deep. Who wants to come to terms with the fact that they have mourned the deaths of millions of men who never even lived?

    Much easier to turn one’s attention to drama, and what better place for it right now than the AA podcast.


    1. ab Post author

      Excellent comment. People please realise that people like JLB put in a lot of time with their long comments, often over an hour. Same with Xilefelix. Let’s recognize them for the time they put in to be thoughtful in their essays.

    2. JohnnyClues

      regarding Mr LeBon’s thoughts above — very well written and well though out imo – very odd how humans do gravitate towards the meltdown of a human, or gossip through the grapevine – I certainly am not innocent of this, the longer I listened to his broadcast, the more annoyed I felt, and I prefer positive johnnyclues than time to go loco johnnyclues

  4. JohnnyClues

    I’ve listened to the last few AA Morris episodes- I did notice a pattern of constantly repeating certain phrases or words – afterwards, I decided to listen to the fakeologist interview found here –… to hear more about mr morris – I was confused on how in that interview, he was all about hoax and seeing the fakery – so to hear him pushing anything to do with sand or hooks was puzzling as that event awoke me from a deep slumber years ago.

  5. ricky

    I listened to these earlier and found it was such a departure from earlier podcasts, I originally thought he was being sarcastic. The rant seemed so bizarre it took me awhile to realize he was serious. Nobody forces anyone to listen to the various ideas expressed here, and I’ve long since dispensed with rejecting something I had heretofore believed was the “truth” just because I had believed in it for so long. He was ranting about “protecting his kids,” from ideas? You’re not doing your kids any favors by going along with the “Truman Show” and producing another brain-dead “consumer.”

  6. anzus23

    I have listened to several of his podcasts. I am fed up with AA and I am wondering what he is up to. It looks like he constantly talking to himself. Nope for me AA is finished.

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