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FAC503-Rollo, Ab, Velocet, Anounceofsalt, JLB

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Thai cave hoax deconstruction

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Guest of MM on this one.

Multiple movies to follow.

As I’m sure many readers have already surmised, the feel-good story of the year, which involved the “successful rescue” of a Thai soccer team from a flooded underground cave, was a massive hoax. Like virtually all of the major (and increasingly minor) news stories these days, this was a work of fiction from start to finish.
That said, I thought it is worth dissecting the script a bit, as there is some incremental value to be gained from unpacking this Intel disaster

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I won’t pay for lies

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My favorite local paper thestar.com put up their paywall for the umpteenth time. Cookie deletion doesn’t seem to get around it so I guess I will have to use the taxpayer funded CBC source, which may have more lies anyway.

I know newspapers pretend to be free of the military media, and can’t admit to direct funding, but to try and get cash from readers won’t work. 

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Poof! AA Morris passes like shit through a goose

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I hope you got a chance to hear the AA Morris superslander podcasts because they’ve been sent down the digital memory hole. 

If anyone saved the better audios send them my way. I can’t host every audio but I do like to save a sample or two for history.

Was this the work of a superfan or the military media? 


It was all just “an elaborate piece of performance art.”

This website and accompanying podcast series were designed with this end result in mind. Consider this a live acton roleplaying experience. Do not believe much of what was said or written. AA Morris the so-called “ProperGander” is not a real human being; nor is there any reason to believe in anything the “ProperGander” AA Morris put forth. This person never really existed at all. Please keep this in mind.

Never forget to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. What we can honestly reveal is that this is the work of more than one magical “guy”.

Many of us grew up watching Rich Little, the (voice) impressionist, after all.

Never forget a proper context really does matter.

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