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  1. smj

    Aviation means the progress of birds. Check out the etymology of inauguration andsoforth. There’s a reason you fly into JFK, Reagan, or bush airports. It’s ritual. The towers got smashed by birds. A bird took a chunk out of the most secure building on the plane per the narrative, and nobody saw shit. Don’t forget to take off your shoes and remove everything from your pockets, especially any hidden hands before you get aviated, fellow slave.

    How many metric tons of fuel can a bird hold in it’s wings? How much level liquid does an a 380 hold in its dihedral wings?

  2. xileffilex

    @42.00 approx
    Yea, I ‘d missed that Noah Pozner “jaw blown off” narrative.
    Checking for primary sources…[as per JLB] here’s it is
    [Jan 3 2013 about 3 weeks after the event]
    Reporter Naomi Zeveloff of the Jewish Daily Forward reflects on interviewing the mother of the youngest victim in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and on writing a complicated portrait of grief…..Nine days after her son, Noah, was killed in the Newtown shootings, I interviewed Veronique Pozner for a story about the family’s grieving process for the Forward, the national Jewish news organization. The family had just finished observing the official Jewish mourning period, called shiva…… She felt that his body had suffered too many indignities already; she was adamant that he not be autopsied. She wanted him to be buried with a Jewish prayer shawl and with a clear stone with a white angel inside — an “angel stone” — in each of his hands. Veronique was only able to put the stone in his right hand because the left was “not altogether there,” she told me, crying for the first time in our interview. She asked the funeral director to put the other one in the left hand spot. “I made him promise and he did.”…..

    I wanted to double check with my editor, Jane Eisner. I wrote her an email that evening: “Do you think the detail about his jaw being blown away is too much?” She responded: “It’s important to show the true violence.”….
    Veronique told me that Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy visited her in the funeral home, and she brought him to see Noah’s open casket. I asked her why it was important for her and for the governor to see Noah’s body. “I needed it to have a face for him,” she said. “If there is ever a piece of legislation that comes across his desk, I needed it to be real for him.”…..

    One problem remained: we hadn’t verified the fact that Gov. Malloy viewed Noah’s body. Since we were on a tight deadline, we removed that detail when we published the story online, and we added it back in after I had checked it with the governor’s office.

    Comment at Salon.com
    “If nothing else can bring you to tears, the phrase ‘a cloth covered his face where his lower jaw had been’ will.”

    Job done.

    1. Terran Downvale

      Just a little something that may or may not involve some kind of “hidden meaning.” The name Pozner is a variant of Posner which means “a person from the city of Posen (now Poznan) in Poland.” Poznan means “known town.”

      So Pozner means “a person from known town.”

      Or “a person from knew town” = Newtown?

      Which then makes Noah Pozner “Know a person from Newtown.”


    2. xileffilex

      this article

      was adjusted on December 4, 2013 to reflect documentary information made available to The Forward. The article originally reported that Noah Pozner was shot 11 times. *** We have since learned that the actual number is less than 11. In deference to the family’s wishes to keep the number private, we changed the text to read “multiple” gun shots.

      source The Jewish Forward

      *** From the original article

      The details that stuck with me the most — and the details which I felt most conflicted about putting in print — were Veronique’s descriptions of the damage to her son’s body. He was shot 11 times; she told me that his jaw and his left hand were mostly gone.

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