I won’t pay for lies

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My favorite local paper thestar.com put up their paywall for the umpteenth time. Cookie deletion doesn’t seem to get around it so I guess I will have to use the taxpayer funded source, which may have more lies anyway.

I know newspapers pretend to be free of the military media, and can’t admit to direct funding, but to try and get cash from readers won’t work. 

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3 thoughts on “I won’t pay for lies

  1. psyopticon

    Why are the newspapers putting up their paywalls, when they are off-book funded anyway by the Apparatus?

    I studied one UK newspaper house – the privately-owned Claverley Group – which has a stable of maybe 20 struggling regionals across the Channel Islands, Wales and W.Mids.

    According to company accounts it has revenues of an absurd £250m per annum. From selling weekly rags at 60p a copy???!!! Much of the cash flows through a series of subsidiaries-of-convenience in the funny money haunts of Monaco, Panama, Seychelles et al. Where I guess the tumbleweed effect causes the cash balance to balloon as it moves from banksters in one jurisdiction to another!

  2. xileffilex

    Can you not get free hardcopy on the streets/stations of the StarMetro, Ab for your daily digest of hoaxes and fake stories? [The UK Metro series which performs the same function is unrelated to the Swedish global Metro brand]
    The PTB have to get the message across somehow for purposes of shepherding the bipeds in the chosen directions….

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