MFT009-Markus Allen’s 9-11-2010 broadcast

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On this fantastic episode, Markus Allen meets Chris Kendall for the first time.

I am a big fan of Markus and his clear talk. I’ve told him directly that’s he’s one of the best 9-11 talkers out there. He doesn’t need sound effects, he speaks through the telephone, and doesn’t need someone else to chat to.

That said, he seems to think fakeologists or this site do not like him. I respect his work, and don’t think like has anything to do with it. He’s welcome on this site and on any audiochat anytime, if it furthers our comprehension of the hoax, which he’s been calling it since 2008.

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4 thoughts on “MFT009-Markus Allen’s 9-11-2010 broadcast

  1. xileffilex

    Good show – one correction, not all the WTC buildings collapsed – 5WTC was burnt out [arson] but largely intact.……

    I dont think the Marriot Hotel 3WTC was flattened either, being an important “staging” area for the event [firefighters, “plane parts” [just as the Marriott in London was used for staging the Westminster Bridge 3/22 hoax in 2017.

    Parts of the fuselage of” Flight 175″ was “found” on 5WTC [lol!!!] whilst the Marriott hosted the landing gear of Flight 11 in a Jacuzzi. [allegedly] LOL!!!


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