Nobody knows how it got there 

like this

Amusing piece about landing gear being 0;wedged” between two buildings. 

I know how they can get it out. Use the same method they put it in: Photoshop. 

Little Jimmy looks like a photo morph of Big Jim. Found his dust on his big brother’s birthday. How morbid. 

Plane’s landing gear found

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1 thought on “Nobody knows how it got there 

  1. xileffilex

    Best viewed through a potato lens

    comical in the extreme. “could be anywhere”

    Mohammed Fekonus **, who prays inside the mosque at Park51 and whose son was a Stuyvesant High School student who ran from the dust cloud on Sept. 11, is convinced discoveries like the plane part could be endless ***.
    ** Yup, Fake, “Hoaxonus”

    *** standard hoax management


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