3 thoughts on “AC504-JohnnyClues, TomD, Napoleon

    1. ab Post author

      Dear JC,
      Thanks for all the apologies and welcome back.
      Can we refrain from rehashing old drama and new that does nothing but add tension and strife to those that identify as fakeologists? Can those that wish to contribute here model themselves after Xilefelix and his excellent deconstructions?
      As a fellow Canuck, feel free to revisit the Toronto van attack hoax, or the Danforth shooting hoax of the past year.
      Use your video talents to blow these jokes up.
      Spurious links, if you must, can go down the discord memory hole, but not here.

      1. JohnnyClues

        really ab? I thought fakeologists wanted an explanation to the videos? I was enjoying explaining them – hopefully you aren’t speaking of the dustban explanation videos – but that is ok – I understand – and no problem ab – thanks for welcoming back – I do appreciate it. just a fyi – that channel that I linked to that understandably you deleted – that is NOT my channel NOR my videos – I swear on my life. whoever it is, made a few about myself as well (just to clarify to the other fakeologists)

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