Great AA shrillcast analysis 

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Gaia spends way more time on this than it’s worth, but he did a great job. 

I have had discussions with quite some people who also listened to the Proper Gander podcast series, both the 0 “sane” ones and the about 15 “insane” ones at the end. From that, and AAMorris’s own words, I basically see three options:
1 – a mental breakdown
2 – a professional shill
3 – a piece of performance art

Comment on A Proper Glance at the Proper Gander Podcast by gaiassphere…

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25 thoughts on “Great AA shrillcast analysis 

  1. Unreal

    Gaia makes more sense in written form than from his balcony in South America* – still his analysis of AA Morris demise and role is far from great.

    First point of logic will be to consider any “personal information” from AA Morris to be misleading.

    The relation between the quality of the information published and the person that publishes it does not forcibly need to be interdependent, and if an author chooses to remain anonymous it does not necessarily impact on his contribution.

    However, if a researcher chooses to connect his person to the research he presents we will face the uncomfortable situation where we no longer have the choice to just separately evaluate each type of information, but equally will need to evaluate the person and the information together.

    When researchers insist on bringing in their personalia into the discussion of any topic we indiscriminately will have to deal with subjectivity. This is of course not a very reassuring choice when presenting research – yet it is very often encountered in conspiracy culture for very obvious reasons which would be:
    •misdirection in the case of State and Military intelligence operatives
    •poor analytical skills in the case of a layman (amateur) researcher

    The fact AA Morris was perfectly capable of taking on complex subjects and addressing them in great detail, with good delivery in a systematic fashion gives a good indication that including personal details such as his children, his wife and profession was in no way accidental, but rather a choice of rhetoric.

    What today appear more systemic than an accidental is how so many pretending layman conspiracy researchers suddenly jump out of the woodwork not so much to analyze the actual topics AA Morris did cover in detail – but merely his fake person and fake personal life.

    Is there really anyone that listened to what AA Morris did propose as actual research ? He surely did not address online shills at any point before he embraced The Conspiracy Conspiracy.

    From the fact that nobody did address the intelligence origin of contemporary conspiracy theory, AA Morris did have the knowledge to address such theories and the analytical capacity & platform to do so. But he didn’t.

    Not at any point did AA Morris use his objective analytical skills in a meaningful way to describe the origin and scale of the intelligence involvement pertaining to conspiracy theory and rather referred back to Fakeologist forums or later to articles from my personal blog.

    What AA Morris chose to do was to personify the presence of online intelligence operators with a narrow set of highly suspect characters. This was a conscious choice at the same level of AA Morris choosing to misinform us about when and how he became involved with conspiracy culture and associated research – and why he chose to include his fake personal anecdotes while addressing topics in an otherwise knowledgeable fashion.

    It is obvious at this point how AA Morris very consciously chose to personify his shallow coverage of online shills and why chose the examples he did. In the absence of Chris Kendall, all the other slandered entities today delight in trivia thus reinforcing a persistent myth of there being rather few examples of online shills. And don’t mention objective research on the scale of the intelligence community such as demonstrated in several articles online of course – opinion is so convenient compared to troublesome, demonstrable facts.

    Now Gaia may pretend to do an objective analyses of AA Morris “breakdown” on the surface, but all he really does is analyzing fake personalia and never even comes close to either the topics AA Morris did go into detail about such as orbits and the impossibility of space and a near perfect vacuum – and certainly he does not address any aspect of the intelligence origin and nature of conspiracy theorists.

    In other words, analyzing fake images did not bring Judy Wood very far, and likewise will analyzing the fake person and crisis-acted emotions of AA Morris not allow Gaia to go very far – which for anyone paying attention he never did in the first place…

    *AA Morris claimed to have discovered conspiracy theory and 9/11 in 2015 (FAK 187 from march 2018) which is of course quite unlikely as the timespan between Morris discovering conspiracy theory and blogging about it is impossibly short. AA Morris demonstrated advanced Truther knowledge much like that of veteran conspiracy researcher from the beginning of his online presence.

    [ herunder a picture of what real facts and figures about conspiracy culture really looks like if one bothers to look in detail at what Truther Media Creators actually produce in their pretended “spare time”, on their way to the bullet factory, webcasting from artificial home studios at night or from on their phones while drinking & smoking – article ]

    1. ab Post author

      I agree all of this discussion is a giant waste of time for most. I don’t mind commenting on some of the better satire to explain it a bit, but overall it doesn’t help further the cause of explaining media fakery.

      1. John le Bon

        “…overall it doesn’t help further the cause of explaining media fakery.”

        Indeed. The question is, how much of any of the commentary taking place in this tiny corner* of the internet is actually committed to furthering the cause of explaining media fakery?

        *This place = media makery focused outlets e.g. Fakeologist, PoM, HBC, JLB (any others?)

        Slowly I have come to understand and accept that for most of the people, most of the time, this place is little more than a gathering point for otherwise lonely individuals to gossip and share stories, which is really all that most humans will ever be interested in doing: gossiping and sharing stories.

        Occasionally this gossip and story-telling will be couched under the pretense of ‘serious discussion’ or ‘serious research’, but this can be seen through for what it is: pretense. If it were anything more than pretense, we would see far more focus on the messages and far less on the messengers.

        The AUTHORities know humans better than I do/did. Give the masses stories. Give them drama. Give them good guys and bad guys. Better yet, give them ambiguous characters and allow the masses to project their own stories onto the canvass i.e. ‘he is a bad guy’ ‘no, he’s the good guy’, etc etc.

        The typical ACTor truly wants to believe in paid shills. If they could choose a world with or without paid shills, they would choose a world WITH. I know this because I am seeing it every day. They choose to believe that paid shills exist and therefore, in their world, there are paid shills. By their conscious (unconscious?) choice to see the world this way, to explain what they observe with this simple explanation, they choose to make paid shills real in their own mind.

        And they are oblivious to what they are doing to themselves and to those they interact with. Absolutely oblivious.

        1. Vespadouglas

          quite curious that mr bon is eager to link “this place ” to all these obvious charACTORS at HBC , POM, POTF or wherever else mr bon thinks ” paid shills ” dont exist ( think oakley ,think tokarski , adams , kendall , sibrel ,jones , osman etc etc )…..for such an obviously enlightened and intel-agent chap he dont half miss the blatant , at times , or does he?

          1. Vespadouglas

            this is the fakeologist platform ……it stands alone…..( or perhaps someone , anyone ,could suggest anywhere in/on the world that has more ” real ” people) …….ANYWHERE

            1. Vespadouglas

              ab has created something very individual here…….its not cheap , its free…..roganesque ambitions dont belong here

              1. John le Bon

                “ab has created something very individual here”

                Ab’s site is brilliant and I have done my best to promote it far and wide. In fact, apart from Ab himself, I can’t think of anybody who has done more to promote Fakeologist than I have.

                Perhaps you completely misunderstood the thrust of my comment. Go back and re-read it, this time without any anger or hatred towards JLB. Just try it. Take a deep breath and think through what you are reading objectively.

    2. tokarski

      The question has been asked, I think by MM (who might well know the answer) – is real history is written down anywhere? It appears to be handed to us in dollops via that source, but is there a central bank if writing and scholarship? That is all “conspiracy theory” is, a search for real history carried out by a few for their own benefit, as the masses are under tight control and unreachable.

      So I think it a given that AA was merely a vehicle perhaps allowed to read some excerpts of this central bank of knowledge. He has blown himself up and exposed himself as a fake. No one would do all of the research behind 225 tedious podcasts for a bit of online hoaxing. He could be a project that went haywire due to an undependable person, or a cat that got out of the bag and was recaptured. I feel honored that he attacked me, as I had very little to say about him other than “I don’t know what to make of him.” Still don’t.

      1. xileffilex

        The theory I have been running with for a while is that the so-called intelligence services are merely scriptwriting and film studios recruiting arts graduates from the top universities who are bound by gagging orders [i.e. the OSA] and will do very nicely on pension day. Next stop – the Newsrooms and TV studios, or alternatively – lights, camera, [turn off CCTV, stop the traffic…] action!

        1. John le Bon

          @xileffilex: Do you believe it is possible that an independent, bright mind could build their own small but successful multimedia outlet? That is, a website (and social media footprint) to rival the likes of Gnostic Media, James Corbett, maybe even Red Ice Radio?

    3. John le Bon

      @Unreal: Even though I disagree with your overarching thesis, I do have to commend you on the time and effort you have put into your research, and also your presentation, specifically with regards to documenting the number of shows/guests some of the larger outlets have produced/interviewed. That table above is fantastic work in both style and substance. You and I may draw different conclusions from the data, but the data itself has been displayed here beautifully. Well done.

    1. xileffilex

      before I forget, to modify what I wrote above….
      Domains –
      aam….net – created May 27 2015
      aam….com created June 12 2018
      First google cache of aam….net April 21 2016 **…
      However, the original website of the artist Aaron Morris [captured circa 2011] morphed into a website for one Anthony Morris [capture 2014]…

      The power behind myThinkTank, Anthony Morris.

      Anthony has been in the IT profession for over 5 years. During this time, he has performed technical services for various clients in the government sector. Among these clients include the Defense Information Systems Agency, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, U.S. Department of State, and the Department of Defense (U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army).

      The goal of myThinkTank is to provide the best service in all circumstances, by not only getting the mission accomplished, but empowering the client with new skills as well.

      However since AAM only cites his aam…com alternative website on June 22 2018, *** 10 days after a new domain registration,, one might disconnect AAM the artist and possibly Anthony Morris the DoD/Marine Corps from the Proper Gander.

      Perhaps the artist Aaron Morris…
      last noted looking for a job in the Boston area…

      might be surprised that his domain had been taken over for such a fascinating project.

      ** first update April 23 2016
      That’s my last word.

    2. xileffilex

      To modify my thoughts above…. the original aam web domain was registered in May 2015 and first captured in April 2016, coinciding with the first facebook post on his page.

      The domain, which was only connected to the .net domain on June 22 2018 [facebook] had been used not just by the artist Aaron Morris of Boston, circa 2011, but also by one Anthony Morris ex-DoD/Marines circa 2014/5 [google caches] The most recent domain was registered only on June 12 2018, perhaps because it had expired with its previous owner, certainly by the same AAMorris who ows the .net domain.

      So less of an art project, more of a longer term intel project.
      My last word.

      1. John le Bon

        @xileffelix: Very interesting work. I feel embarrassed that I did not think to run a whois search on aamorris. Then again, perhaps this demonstrates how little I really ever cared about his work. I don’t think I ever bothered to even google his name/pseudonym. I suppose I am glad that somebody did.

        If I have understood your post, it seems that you:

        a) Found an artist in Boston who uses the ‘Morris AA’ moniker and goes by the name ‘Aaron Morris’.
        b) Are implying that this person is the same one we know as ‘AA Propergander Morris’.

        Can you tell me, how does the web-archive link lead to aaronmorrisart? In other words, how did you stumble on the aaronmorrisart website? And then the Instagram page? Did these simply come up in a google search or was there some other connection between the web-archive page and these other pages?

        It would seem unlikely to me that some other completely random dude also likes to use the ‘aa morris’ (or ‘morris aa’) moniker. Can anybody familiar with US accents tell me if AA Propergander Morris had a Boston accent? If so, then the likelihood of mere ‘coincidence’ would seem even more remote.

        Having scrolled through the instagram history of the Aaron Morris entity, it seems that this man is indeed artistic. A lot of posts about music, and photographs taken with an artistic bent. And, fwiw, also a lot of posts about drinking/alcohol, and sex/pop culture. Does this fit in with the themes of the 200+ podcasts released by ‘AA Propergander Morris’? I wouldn’t know, because I stopped listening after about 10 or 15 episodes.

        As an aside, scrolling through the instagram history of the Aaron Morris entity, regardless of whether or not he is related or connected to the entity we know as AA Propergander Morris, I was reminded how depressing I find that kind of experience to be. Like scrolling through the life of a person, images trapped in time but ultimately forgotten (or to be forgotten), all those moments doomed to be lost in time like tears in the rain despite being recorded forever.


        1. xileffilex

          @JLB The same piece of art exists on the web archive and on Aaron’s later website ** which was registered in December 2014.
          On June 22 2018 “our” AAM posted two web addresses – .net and .com – on his facebook feed. The dot com address HAD been used by the artist Aaron Morris in the Boston area, but initially I hadn’t realised that the artist had let his old domain lapse and it had been taken by one Anthony Morris [ internet archive]; again this must have lapsed and our very own AA Morris registered it as recently as June 12 2018 [i wonder why, if the project was shortly to implode?]
          The project must have been hatched in April 2015, the date of the registration of the .net domain.
          I see no obvious connection between Aaron in Boston and “our” AAM. However, I don’t know if this is signfiicant, but both Aaron and our AAM use the Canadian TUCOWS domain. Is that significant? I don’t know.
          I must confess not to have listened to the Proper Gander podcasts except those just before he imploded and started lashing out at everyone. Otherwise, one hour is about my limit and not daily.
          A fascinating project, a huge commitment of time and effort for a tiny market. Was this the work of one man on his spare time/retirement hobby? I doubt it.
          ** – incidentally a “friend” wrote in 2017 that he was looking for work, anything considered.

  2. ricky

    @dirtybenny, Those are interesting thoughts you’ve put forward. My gut feeling when in the process of hearing AA melt down and devolve into slanderous behaviour was confusion. Abs’ slogan instantly came to mind, “if you can’t convince, confuse,” so I think you may be on to something. Good stuff!

  3. dirtybenny

    “he offered to Bloomberg “you let me stay at home with my kids and I set up a project to infiltrate [his own words] a community to expose their ‘craziness’, ‘loser’ status [his own words], laying a bread crumb trail [his own words], manipulate them into liking me [his own words] and then I expose them for their ‘hoaxer’ idiocy, while propagandizing for Lenny Pozner [his own words]” and got a fat promotion with content that can be used at any time in any future to “expose” those “crazy non-believers” in the peculiar plots we put out there, so we can hunt them down.”

    I think it is always good to expand our minds with what other possibilities there might be.

    First, we now know the character of AAM to be a deceiver and slanderer. Why then would we take “his own words” as truth in any way? I do not believe this was a work of performance art.

    As I listened to 80 or so of the “normal” podcasts, I sensed an anxious tense individual who was trying to keep up a peaceful softspoken persona. The volume of work that was produced with passion and intensity does not seem like a normal person, nor does it seem like a paid shill. I had no time to even keep up with listening, let alone someone creating this volume of content, for a father of 2 no less (if that is to be believed…unlikely). He is either paid or obsessed. I favor the latter, even if he is paid.

    I find it interesting that several of AAM’s earlier podcasts were about exposing the HONR network and it’s tactics in detail. It was my first introduction to it and I knew nothing of it previously. Then in the end, the site and the character become advertisements explicitly for the HONR network. Could the AAM character or his “children” have been threatened? The turnaround happened very quickly with almost no gradual transition. Other than fakeologists, who would even be going to a site like that? Is he fulfilling a promise by hawking HONR so over the top on the site. Actions speak louder than words, and I am trying to look at the actions that have occurred.

    My other gut reaction to the slandercasts were to have immediate empathy for those being slandered. This is despite feeling a sense of distance from several of those for the Carrion episode, the “pizza pie” earth shape epithets, the Brahe earth model propaganda, etc. All this with JA, CK, having left the internet including the Tim Kelly Cabal, where they were previously omnipresent. I first learned of AAM as a link on the Hoaxbusters site, long before he started in on podcasts. Could this have been a technique to confuse our understandings and memories of behaviour of said characters, by accusing them of heinous acts? This then causing empathy and sympathy confounding our cognitive abilities.

    The whole spectacle certainly is bizarre. I did enjoy JLB’s comments about the episode. We really never do know what is going on in someone else’s mind and that concept can be very unsettling. We like to project our own behavour, actions, thought process to others and try to understand their thoughts and actions through our own prism. This perhaps is one of our greatest errors in our participation in the life experience.

    1. John le Bon

      @dirtybenny: I appreciate the positive words about my own comments on this saga. It seems to me that you understood what I was trying to convey, and it always nice to feel understood. Once upon a time I wanted people to agree with me, whereas these days I am content in merely being understood — an experience which is becoming rarer for me by the month, it seems.

      As I listened to 80 or so of the “normal” podcasts, I sensed an anxious tense individual who was trying to keep up a peaceful softspoken persona. The volume of work that was produced with passion and intensity does not seem like a normal person, nor does it seem like a paid shill. I had no time to even keep up with listening, let alone someone creating this volume of content, for a father of 2 no less (if that is to be believed…unlikely). He is either paid or obsessed. I favor the latter, even if he is paid.

      Very well-written, and I concur. I’m not sure exactly why I felt disinterested in the AA podcast after only 10 or 15 episodes, but this may have been a large element of it: there was an unease, or what you call anxiety, which flowed through the work. Not quite at the level of Crrow777 doomporn anxiety, but close enough to be almost unlistenable for me, as a person who outgrew that kind of mindset some time ago.

      I often wonder how much the paranoia of the ACT realm is a function of its attracting the kind of people who have paranoia / unease / anxiety at their core, from experiences well before they ever arrived here. I am coming around to accept that for some people, this is how their mind will always operate: they will forever be influenced by an underlying sense of dread about the now and/or about the future, which manifests in emotional outbursts, enemy-seeking, witch-hunting, and so forth.

      I have been here long enough to observe the progress (or lack thereof) of many individuals. Some, like myself, went through the paranoia/delusion stage and came out the other side more peaceful and self-aware, no longer anxious about the now or the future. Many, however, are every bit as paranoid and deluded today as they were three or four years ago. In some cases they have evidently gotten worse.

      How much of this is a function of preexisting unease / anxiety? How much of what we see playing out in this scene can be attributed to the kinds of mindsets it attracts in the first place? I continue to wonder.

      Now that I have built up my own platform (complete with Discord server) it is a strange experience to partake in the witch-hunting sections of the ACT realm. On my platform, there is little if any of the underlying anxiety / paranoia / ‘paid shill’ nonsense going on. No accusations, no enemy-seeking. When somebody is immersed in a paranoid/anxious subculture, it all seems so normal, it all seems so ‘true’. Spend some time away from it and return, and it hits you like a tonne of bricks. It is like religious dogma. ‘Demons in our midst’ type stuff. ‘Anybody who says otherwise is one of them’ type stuff. Absolutely delusional.

      Not good for the soul, in my humble opinion.


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