NASA Shadowy lies

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Bart Sibrel is one of the only anti- researchers who doesn’t mention . I think he believes in an advanced space program, which doesn’t make logical sense. Maybe watching his own videos will help him change his mind that we can barely get a rocket off the ground, let alone set up advanced far away colonies.

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3 thoughts on “NASA Shadowy lies

  1. Rollo

    The comment section on this video has been disabled….Sibrel to me is “Sus as Fuck”….Ozzie vernacular for suspicious…..Sibrel allow comments on your youtube video…simple as that

  2. localherog2

    An advanced space program doesn’t make logical sense? I agree but what about flat earth? FE is the model that an extremely lazy and not particularly bright simpleton would design, not The Creator of all of existence who possesses infinite knowledge. I mean, good grief, give Him some credit. Is the Earth a spinning ball? Nope. Is it flat? No, it’s not. It’s Something Else but most flatties are too invested in this now to change course and, what’s worse, they’ve stopped looking which was the whole point of the FE psyop in the first place.?

    1. Vespadouglas

      is the earth a spinning ball ? nope……is the earth flat ? no………you are quite definitive eitherway…….what is the “sell ” factor that allows you to be so “bought” on both these negatives and what, if you have one, is your opinion on our worlds basic dimensions ? ……….cheers VD …….this clever , creative DUDE ( youre sure hes a dude ? have you read unreals ftm/mtf threads ? ) sounds intriguing …….got a link ? …….cheers , Yours In Doubt , vespa

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