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I thought it had been a while since the US had an event. We’ve had plane, train, and bus crashes, perhaps time for unregulated custom made stretch limos?

Lots of to sink your teeth into here. Some crystal clear photos, which is different from past phony stories.

Remember, local news media outlets, especially in small towns, are cut back to the advertiserless bone. How does the UK based Daily Fail get such a complete report from so far away?

Four sisters and their husbands are among 20 people dead after a limousine taking them to a surprise 30th birthday careened through a junction, hit two pedestrians and then plunged into a steep ditch. Abigail Jackson, Mary Dyson, Allison King and Amy Steenburg – whose birthday they were en route to celebrating – all died alongside husbands Adam Jackson, Robert Dyson and Axel Steenburg in the crash, which happened around 2pm on Saturday in upstate New York. In total 18 people inside the limo – a grou

Source: 20 people killed in New York limo crash ‘on the way to a wedding’  | Daily Mail Online

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7 thoughts on “Runaway limo

  1. xileffilex

    The Apple Barrel Country Store is being real helpful in this obvious psy-op

    We are doing our best to cope and grieve. We are a big family at the Apple Barrel, and part of the bigger family of Schoharie. We cope by being together. And that is why we are open.

    We have been working with our community leaders to coordinate a vigil and prayer service for our community.

    We will be collecting donations for our local volunteer emergency services. They are the heroes of our small community.

    Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone that was affected by the events of today. You will always be part of our family.

    (We will not be discussing the events of today any further. Thank you for understanding.)

    etc etc [FB posts]

    1. xileffilex

      What, you even considered it to be real with 18 people dying instantly in a seemingly undamaged Stretch Limo parked up in some bushes next to a shop? Come on!

      (We will not be discussing the events of today any further. Thank you for understanding.)

      [Apple Barrel Country Story fb post, October 7] Up to their necks in it, I’d suggest.

  2. xileffilex

    There’s a thread which has been started at Letsroll – the story is a complete joke, I wonder why they needed 20 fictims to push the seat belt wearing agenda. The biggest “disaster” in US transporation since “9.11 Widow” Beverly Eckert “died” with others on flight 3407 in 2009

  3. dante

    i tried linking this for you yesterday in Discord. very suspect. look at the girl’s head in this photo. obviously photoshopped. and lots of 33s and familiar numbers if you look at different articles.…

    quick look at the local papers and see new articles about it popping up. 2001, 11, 3, ……

    more 33…

    17, 71, 117 – jlb fav numbers 😛 – i do wonder though..IF this guy was in fact a staple on campus..does he .just disappear somewhere? same question i suppose of the ‘victims’ of other events -but surgery / relocation with random payoffs don’t seem to offer a complete explanation. sure regular people like us could randomly see them somewhere remote and not say anything or not be taken seriously…or he could say he’s a doppelganger / relative. but im still in awe of how many people there are in all these contrived events. sure the world’s population is large enough for many to ‘disappear’ but it’s not so large imo to have so many just living ‘other’ lives after they are publicly ‘dead’.…

    1. watermanchris

      Hi Dante,

      We need to link up on Discord soon. Life is crazy busy right now but I try to make time to check on and They’re the only two sites on the interwebs worth visiting.

      I’m picking up what you’re laying down but I think it would be fairly easy to just have one of these actors move. They don’t even have to change their names or professions. See this thread at on the silly Challenger “disaster”.

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