We like all stripes and colors 

likes this

I don’t remember this ramble coming out of Napoleon’s mic.

Love the content but the bigotry is a real turnoff. When Napoleon says something ignorant like black people aren’t smart enough to invent things or Rollo screams is a f—–g nigger and no one on the chat challenges them it implies you all agree. Maybe you do and you don’t want black people or non-racists to listen. I don’t know but it’s a shame because this is unique what you do and in my world there are lots of people who would be open to these ideas. Thanks.

Odd since Napoleon is (self described black man) SMJ’s biggest fan.

Do we need skin color to divide the Fakeologist community? We accept all shades of grey here. 

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11 thoughts on “We like all stripes and colors 

  1. farcevalue

    I have no helpless dog in this fight between black and white fingernails or whatever, just testing access to commentary on the site.
    Seems to work.

  2. Vespadouglas

    unfortunately ,”crazy , uncle ” rollo probably doesnt remember either …..perhaps thats the point

  3. Vespadouglas

    unfortunaly , rollo probably doesnt remember either…….perhaps thats the point.

  4. smj

    There’s no denying rollo likes to scream nigger for some reason. But I ignore it because he has taught me so many things. I can’t remember what though.

    1. smj

      Oh I remember now. Rollo taught me that weird white boys that look twenty years older than their claimed age can still paint their fingernails and dress like a clown and drag helpless puppies everywhere they go don’t even need to get a job. No wonder he loves to shout nigger.

    2. Vespadouglas

      unfortunaly , rollo probably doesnt remember either…….perhaps thats the point.

  5. napoleon wilson

    thanks for listening next time listen a little closer , i said there is no way a black man would invent an aeroplane and then a safe way to jump out ……………..ask them

  6. Tom Dalpra

    Yeh, I think Denny’s alright, though I still don’t really get the joke ?

    There are things that I think sound wrong, though. Like Rollo the other day in an audio with John Laws talking about Julia Something-or-other. ”Jew liar” he said, ”most Jews are liars, right?”

    Wrong, in my book. Totally wrong. I can handle a million ”cunts”, just lay off that.

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