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  1. John le Bon

    Strange John le Bon didn’t mention this.

    Mention it to who? I haven’t been in an audiochat since this news story was published.

    I saw the story for the first time myself a day or two ago. At first, I also thought the footage looked suspicious.

    However, ‘Riverfire’ is a real thing. They (city/state government?) organise an event along the Brisbane River once per year which involves — among other things — low-flying military planes. Don’t ask me why. I went along once, and can confirm that the ‘fighter jets’ flying at low altitude are real. And loud AF.

    Do they fly these larger planes at low altitude as well? I don’t know, don’t remember seeing that the year I went. But in this case, I wouldn’t be so quick to call ‘fake’.

    But I don’t blame other people if they believe the footage looks fake.


    1. xileffilex

      Preview for the newspapers with practice run two days before
      Exif data matches for amateur photographers’ picture of the practice.

      These are not potato lens images,, they are of high quality
      e.g. another plane in the same display.

      I think we have fallen into the Cluesforum default trap that photos have been “shopped”.

      Why on earth would there be such a major deception involving so many amateur photographers manipulating their exif data and the world’s media for such a minor event?

      Interestingly, at the same time, the Australian Defence Force was involved in a suspicious event – the search for the missing sailors [alleged] in the Golden Globe “ronujnd the world ” yacht race. A great media story in itself…..

    1. ab Post author

      Is it gives people a chance that might have been around the area to completely forget everything that they didn’t see that day. Why do you think it’s real? Why would a plane buzz a populated area? How is that safe or sensible?

          1. Vespadouglas

            but hey , maybe it is totally fake …….i am surprised no fart voices raised it …..go the man on the spot in canada ……fair play ab ,you have ,without any doubt created , the most logical website in the world ….the FACT you are being encoraged to dilute the fakeologist brand into YT , fayegaipedia , discord , FARTS and all your “fan links” that that in the past ,have failed to mention , or openly ridiculed the fak brand speaks volumes.

            1. Vespadouglas

              the term fakeologist perhaps requires some clarification however………the distinction of considering oneself a FAKEOLOGIST has been , somehow diluted by terms like , who are the fakeologists ,the fakeologist himself or are you a fakeologist……

        1. xileffilex

          Timings for Air Force aircraft flypasts and aerobatic display on Saturday, 29 September are scheduled as follows:

          2:45 pm – C 17A Globemaster flypast

          4:15 pm – Roulettes Aerobatic Display

          5:30 pm – EA-18G Growler flypast

          7:04 pm – EA-18G Growler flypast

          7:05 pm – Sunsuper Riverfire fireworks display commences C 17A Globemaster flypast

          rehearsal two days before –

          as advertised also to the whole of Australia


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