3 thoughts on “Moon Landings vs 9/11 – Which Is More Fake?

  1. Vespadouglas

    Who is more fake , peekay or junglesurfer ? …….What is more fake , POM or HBC ?…….Jones or icke , 9/11 or moon landing , oakley or osman ? …….fake is fake and sometimes , more is less.

  2. xileffilex

    They’re as fake as pretty much every story which pops up on one’s daily news feed, whether from the BBC, CNN or one’s local and national newspapers. If it’s in the news it’s probably fake. I think Ab will agree.. Is this obsession, though, with 9/11 and the Moon Landings some kind of “don’t look here” agenda to stop us seeing the depth of fakery in the media which surrounds us daily created by an industry which employs a good percentage of the working population who are part of the Fakery industry, willing or otherwise through non-disclosure clauses?
    At Cluesforum, someone is actually looking at the Lockerbie hoax from 1988 [ignore the last paragraph of it, which is plain silly], its management still going strong after 30 years – expect much more this Christmas. Why is Lockerbie, for instance, such a no-go area? [Is it more fake than the moon landings? I couldn’t care, it’s fake, period] The single Welsh mother Gwyneth Owen and her child [yes, they did exist] are obvious candidates for new starts in life btw…

    As expected, nobody has taken it up, contributors preferring to muse over their personal dietary preferences…. zzzzzzz

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