FAC505-Rick, Rachel, Rollo

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A rare audiochat where media is discussed. Is the Brisbane video fake? 

Rachel nails it with her analysis that the video is a mix of real and CGI with careful editing. 

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3 thoughts on “FAC505-Rick, Rachel, Rollo

  1. rachel

    I don’t doubt what you say xileffilex. I was asked if I thought it was real so I analysed frame-by-frame for clues. My background is in graphics, so things like this particular interest me. My feeling is it was created as a portfolio piece, someone using footage to practice their skills.

    1. xileffilex

      I loved the added soundtrack to the video – soooo original. Pure scripted “citizen journalist” reaction, as found in any video accompaniment to a media hoax peddled by all our controlled national news and TV stations. Except here the inserted footage was of a real airshow, not a CGI event.

  2. xileffilex

    IT’s just clickbait – whether it was or wasn’t filmed from a room is irrelevant. Perhaps it was “framed” original footage of a real event. The later clips from the “M HOTNEWS” [hmmmmm] channel 2 week later video come directly from this video, uploaded on SEPT 30 by Brisbane Airport Plane Spotting.
    Watch and see. No mention of 9/11 there…just a military plane show.

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