Wolfgang and Sandy Hoax

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If this guy is controlled opposition, then he is quite high level and difficult to detect. These two never use the word hoax, and often imply that real children died.

He claims his phone number is available for anyone to call and talk to him. Maybe we’ll do that someday. 

He claims that Alex Jones will not talk to him, yet he only calls Alex strange.

Controlled opposition is an integral part of . For anyone to not know this and or avoiding talking about this makes them either profoundly ignorant or part of the stagecraft. 

He doesn’t even mention Homeland Security Capstone events and I couldn’t quite figure out what his position is on the Marjory Stoneman Florida shooting hoax.

Marty Leeds Mathemagical Radio Hour player.fm/series/marty-leeds-m…

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1 thought on “Wolfgang and Sandy Hoax

  1. ricky

    I’ve heard this guy for a long time, seems like not too long after “youtube” vids were calling “Sandy Hook” a fraud. He strikes me as a Bart Sibrel type, controlled opposition and/or steam valve for people calling bullshit on these contrived stunts. Both misdirect towards more conventional conspiracy beliefs, (the impenetrable “van allen belt,” kids may have died at “Sandy Hook.”) It also illustrates the futility of pushing any contrary beliefs in any public forum, regardless of merit, as they will be buried under a never ending onslaught of 911 style propaganda.

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